EXCLUSIVE: Promotion Fraud In The Nigerian Police Plus Those “Controlling” The IGP

Nigeria’s burgeoning online platform, ALEDEH has uncovered massive fraud, corruption and favouritism in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) under the leadership of the Inspector General of Police, Ibrahim Kpotum Idris.

Apart from the allegations of N120 billion leveled against the IGP by Senator Isah MisauALEDEH gathered that a lot of senior Police officers are due for promotion but have not been promoted. While they lament, they say others not ripe for such promotion are smiling wearing their new ranks which for some have come on a yearly basis.

While IGP Idris is seen by many as the man in-charge of the Nigerian Police, investigations by ALEDEH reveals that there are three (3) right-hand men of the IGP who dictate to him what should be done by the Police number one man in the country.

Among these three men is Ndamon Ndayako, a cousin brother to the IGP. Ndayako is known as the Civilian Inspector General of Police because of the power he wields. Like Ndayako, Abdulrahaman Satumari, a friend to the IGP based in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital and Dan Galadima Peters wield same power.

ALEDEH gathered that IGP Idris takes actions in the Force based on the recommendations of these three men without investigation and consultation.

Our Sources reveal that the IGP buys tickets for the three men to fly with him anytime he has an official assignment outside the country.

Another man who wields same power like the three men in the Nigerian Police Force is a gentleman simply known as “Barrister Emmanuel”, an alleged Special Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on legal matters who is based in Maryland, Lagos state, Nigeria’s commercial city.

Investigations carried out by ALEDEH, reveals that Barr. Emmanuel lobbied for one Garuba Bala to be made the Commander Mopol 19 in Port Harcourt, the Rivers State capital with negotiation fee of N5 million to be paid in return.

ALEDEH gathered that this negotiation fee of N5 million is paid to Barr. Emmanuel monthly by Garuba Bala.

The said, Barr. Emmanuel was living in a rented apartment in Maryland, Lagos state early 2016 but now has a furnished duplex in the same Maryland with three exotic jeeps and police mobile guiding his house.

ALEDEH gathered that the three squadrons of Mopol 22 guarding Barr. Emmanuel were promoted to the next rank. Investigations by ALEDEH reveal that once an officer is recommended for promotion by Barr. Emmanuel to the IGP, he or she gets promoted.

ALEDEH scooped that without carrying out any special assignment, a police officer is to spend a maximum of five (5) years before he or she is promoted but that has not been the case under the present IGP.

Investigations carried out by ALEDEH reveals that there is an ongoing speedy rise of some junior officers in the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) who are said to be having an amorous relationship with the police boss.

“Amina is an example. This woman police officer is a mistress of the IGP…she was promoted from a police corporal to the rank of ASP within in a year.

“September 15, this year o, she visited IGP Idris in his office during office hours without wearing her police uniform. We were all shocked…” a visibly angry police officer told us.

This was further corroborated by another senior officer who said “Amina who is not known as an acting officer in the Police Force is one of the numerous mistresses of IGP Idris who wields more powers than most senior officers. Ha, she is so powerful o”.

IGP Idris who recently got married to a woman DSP by name Asta Hassan of the police Air wing in Kaduna, northern Nigeria, is certainly not in the good books of some of his senior officers as some alleged he is aware of his atrocities that’s why he “bugs our phones and had a secret wedding in Kaduna” another officer blurt.

In what the officer termed “secret wedding” in Kaduna, we went further to verify his claim and found that there was indeed a wedding between the IGP and the said officer. Photos of the new bride and family members were also obtained but in our quest not to upset her marital bliss and also for the fact that Islam allows for more than a wife we won’t be publishing the photos. This simply is about alleged corruption in the police which many we spoke to attested to.

ALEDEH gathered that two commissioners of police currently holding state commands in Kogi and Anambra do not deserve the position.

Findings by ALEDEH reveals that each police officer is given Aper form every year, where the officer is expected to fill his or her special achievements during the year. When a police officer has a completed three years Aper form the officer is due for next promotion.

Investigations by ALEDEH revealed that the current Commissioner of Police in Kogi state, Ali Janga was Assistant Commissioner of Police last year, the same year he was promoted from ACP to Deputy Commissioner of Police and  from DCP to Commissioner of Police in the last six months without carrying out any special assignment that should warrant the promotion.

Like Janga, Garuba Umar was an Acting Commissioner of Police in 2016 but was promoted to Commissioner of Police within a year and he now holds the Anambra Police Command without carrying out a special assignment to warrant the promotion.

ALEDEH gathered that most special promotions in the Nigeria Police Force under IGP Idris is purchased and not merited as Ali Janga’s promotion was based on favouritism.

Meanwhile, a very top-ranked police officer who spoke with ALEDEH decried the current promotion fraud in the force under IGP Idris, the officer stressed that the promotion fraud was elevated under IGP Idris and was never experienced under Solomon Arase, who the officer described as a man of integrity.

“Corruption is on the high side in the Nigerian Police Force. IGP has turned Nigeria Police to his personal business.

“If you have a problem with IGP, he tracks your mobile number in order to hear every telephone conversation that you make.

“Federal character has been abandoned in the Nigerian police force since he came on board. People from Niger state, where he is from get unmerited promotions.

“IGP did not have a plot of land in his town before he was an IG but has built a giant house in Bida. Is this what President Buhari sent him there to do?” the furious officer questioned. “He is spending Nigeria Police money like his personal money. See how for the first time we are seeing people from his village carrying placards to stop any probe after Misau blew the lid. Other past IGs who even had problems never involved their kinsmen. Shows how tribalistic he is” the top-ranked officer added.

Similarly, a security expert who spoke with ALEDEH said the security situation in the country has been politicized.

“IGP has shown a high level of incompetence and as such should be replaced”, the security expert who spoke with ALEDEH said.

“The police under IGP is politicizing security. Senate should revisit the matter. The security situation in the country is very porous due to a lot of security gap. Everything is monetized in the police and it has never been like this.

“Solomon Arase had integrity and never wanted anyone to tarnish his image. You could see it in the way the Nigeria police was under him and how it is now. Arase had a passion for the job.

“The system is decaying every day. The officers are not happy, especially the senior officers because they are looking at how the force will be in the future.

“The earlier the President looks into this matter, the better for the Nigerian police force”, the security expert told ALEDEH.

Meanwhile, ALEDEH reached out to the Nigeria Police PRO, Moshood Jimoh but he did not pick all the calls made to his line and also did not reply messages sent to him.



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