Gambia Removes Yaya Jammeh’s Images From Currency

The Central Bank of The Gambia led by Governor, Bakary Jammeh has removed the images of Yaya Jammeh from the nation’s currency.

Jameh, who ruled from 1994 to 2016 is considered one of Africa’s worst leaders as his 22 years saw very little growth for The Gambia. He was also accused of torture of opponents and illegal executions.

His image has been replaced with pictures of birds and local scenes in new moves by the government.

He lost the Presidential election to Adama Barrow in 2016 after a coup. His refusal to leave office led to other West African nations forcing him out.

Jammeh has since been granted asylum in Equatorial Guinea.

The notes Jammeh’s face was cut out from include the D5,D10, D20, D50, D100 and D200 notes, while the D25 has been scrapped.

According to one of The Gambian’s rights activists, Madi Jobarteh, Jammeh didn’t have any right to inscribe his image on the country’s currency in the first place as the bank notes are not personal property.

“A national currency is not a personal property and the head of a sitting president should not be on that note. There are many Gambians who deserve to be on these notes because of their roles and contributions in the struggle for independence and development of this country since independence.”





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