Google Fined £2.1Billion For “Abuse Of Market Dominance”

Internationally reputable information technology company, internet giants and one of the world’s biggest brands, Google has landed in hot soup after stifling the growth of a British company with their poor ratings.

Foundem, a comparison site, owned by British couple, Raff, 51 and Shauvin, 49 was rated lowly for many years by Google despite their impressive acceptance and growth according to rankings. The site, which has been in existence since 2005 is meant for the comparison of various products necessary to give buyer an insight about such products. The owners of the site had written to Google seeking to know how their company fared with no answers gotten from them.

Co-owner of Foundem
Co-owner, Raff

On many occasions, they were rated very poorly by Google despite their impressive returns. Rated as the Top Comparison Site by The Gadget Show in December 2008, their ratings failed to improve as Google helped and marketed its own patent admirably to stifle Foundems growth. Google’s “Google Product Search” is a site that functions similarly as Foundem and was taggee as the reason why Google made it difficult for Foundem.

Couple, Raff and Shauvin, unimpressed with Google’s ratings proceeded to the European Commission for Competition in Brussels, Belgium to lay a complaint. “It was clear we had to go to war” said husband, Raff. “Google are bullies. This is wrong,” Raff’s wife, Shauvin complained bitterly.

Head of the Commission for Competition, Margaret Verstager ruled on the 27th of June, 2017 that “Google abused its market dominance”, hence were slammed with a heavy fine of £2.1billion meant to be paid to Foundem’s owners. The fine is the biggest antitrust penalty in the history of information technology.



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