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Idris Abdulkadir Solicits Financial Help For Kidney Transplant

Idris Eshoayeremia Abdulkadir, a Nigerian who was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in December 2019 at Al Qassimi Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, urgently needs N10 million to undergo a kidney transplant.

Abdulkadir’s initial intention of travelling to the UAE was to search for opportunities but his plan was impeded as he has been receiving various treatments after being diagnosed with CKD 9 months after he got to the county.

He had approached Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, in Abu Dhabi, UAE in September 2020, for a transplant and was told that his mum was a perfect match to donate a kidney for him after several tests revealed that his three siblings could not donate because they are hypertensive.

“My mum flew down to UAE in January 2021 in company of my younger sister for further evaluation at their transplant centre prior to surgery.

“On our first visit to the hospital, I was told that their charity could not cater for the surgery since my visa bears Dubai and not Abdudabi. I was referred to Dubai Hospital and on getting there I was told that charity for kidney transplant is available for only UAE citizens and not residents.”

Idris Abdulkadir Solicits Financial Help For Kidney Transplant

His dialysis sessions weren’t regular as prescribed due to a lack of fund.

“Ideally, I am supposed to have three dialysis sessions in a week (at N260, 000 per week),” said Abdulkadir who explained that he was “paying for only a dialysis session (at the rate of N86,450 per session) in a week from the money sent to me by family and sympathizers.”

Abdulkadir arrived in Nigeria on Sunday 19th April 2021 after which he was admitted to UITH in Ilorin, Kwara State on Monday for revival as he was in a very critical condition.

He is afraid that his inability to raise funds and get the transplant done on time has started affecting the overall health of his mother who is his only hope for donorship.

Abdulkadir whose kidney condition is at the end-stage, urgently need your assistance and any amount will contribute majorly to the course of saving him. Thank you.

Below are details of the patient for donations:

Idris Eshoayeremia Abdulkadir

Access Bank

Fund: N10 million

08034864221 (Brother)
08138086432 (Wife)

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