IGR: The Major Secret Behind Growth Of States By Osaretin Eugene

Am not holding brief for other regions with low Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) but looking into the statistical breakdown profile above only two states Lagos with 302,425,091,964 and Ogun posting 72,983,120,003 amounts to over 80% IGR generated from the Southwest.

The other four states of Oyo, Osun, Ondo, and Ekiti also performed dismally like other socio-economically and politically disadvantaged, unproductive states structure that lacks self sustainability due to economic, geographical and loop sided structural constitutional factors incapacitating them from attaining self realization and execution of policies and socio-economic structures that is necessary for the viability of a federating unit.

Just to think of it what stops Edo from having a bilateral BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) Memorandum of Understanding with any private project finance consortium or technologically advance nation like Singapore to build a world standard sea port, free trade zone and export oriented industrial park along the first recorded most centralized trade sea port, buried in history at Gelegele Oghoton axis?

Who is preventing the so much criticized South Eastern brothers from dredging the Niger-Delta via Imo River all the way to meet River Niger at Onitsha head bridge to open up direct international trades with all the value chain and multiplier factors? If not the cunning and selfish draconian elite oligarchy of the Arewa- Odua marriage sealed from the foundation of this country Nigeria.

In my elementary social studies, I was told that the major factor to consider before siting an industry is nearness to point of raw materials but what I see in practical in Nigeria is that Dunlop and Michelin against their which have to set up factories in Lagos and Ogun instead of Edo and Delta states. It is no different from Peugeot setting up their factory in Kaduna while iron ore smelting company is at Ajaokuta in Kogi state, no wonder they have to do only assembly and not manufacturing for decades.

Most recently, Dangote group owned by the same Arewa- Odua group is building the largest refinery in Lekki, Lagos state, while the federal government is still battling with the repairs of the various abandoned NNPC refineries in Warri and Port-harcourt. What an organised thievery and broad day light robbery of the people of Niger-Delta. Same Dangote group set up the largest cement company in Ogun state.

Next time you check Lagos and Ogun IGR in few years time both will be posting trillions while other regions are left to roast with their fate and are quick to be termed lazy states or parasitic States. The same group will not let any other region take away their self assumed birthright of siting almost all import and export and key money spinning deals through sea ports and border posts along the coastal Lagos – Ogun axis. What happened to Gelegele , Koko, Sapele, Warri, Port-harcourt and Calabar Sea ports? These ports have be killed by Arewa- Odua cartel all that is now left of them is a monumental ghost museum where few visitors and school students go and look at what remain of their fossil.

As a matter of urgency Merge unproductive states to other productive ones nearby to for a federating unit, allow them to develop at their own pace, give them liberty of Socio-economic and constitutional freedom to determine their future, break the monopoly currently enjoyed by Lagos and Ogun states alike.

You will open up the market and economic space for healthy competition among these federating units. No state will again depend on federal allocation but rather states will contribute a percentage of their earnings to the federal coffers to maintain the executive , legislative arm, homeland security and other foreign concerns. When this is done Nigeria and Nigerians will be better for it and our children unborn will be proud of their heroes past.

As we speak am not proud of any hero because am yet to see any in our dispensation. The South West pretend to be the vanguard of self determination and true Federalism the All Progressive Congress (APC), which is a typical Arewa- Odua party even have it in their manifesto but don’t be deceived they will never carry it out except after the oil wells of the Niger-Delta runs dry and nothing left for these black colonial masters to tap again.

Recently, it was on this platform that the Arewa youths have agreed to let the Igbo people leave that was a mere youthful exuberant which did not last minutes before the new spoke man for the North quickly diffuse their claim because the elites know better. God save the oppressed states of Nigeria. God save the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I rest my case.

The Opinion expressed in this article is solely those of the Author, and not of Aledeh.

Osaretin Eugene, writes from the United States of America



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