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Insecurity: Impeach Buhari, Mbaka Tells National Assembly

Following the increased state of insecurity in the country, Catholic Priest of Adoration Ministry, Rev Fr. Ejike Mbaka has called on the National Assembly to impeach President Muhammadu Buhari if he fails to resign.

He made the call during a recent church service where he lamented over the security challenges of the country.

Mbaka said that it was sad how Buhari could maintain grave silence in the midst of the killings and deaths in the country, insisting that he may have lost touch with realities.

He said “Nigerians why are you crying? We are crying because our leaders have failed us woefully. Let me tell you; if it is in a civilized country, by now, President Buhari would have resigned. Quote me anywhere and let the whole world hear it, by now with what is happening, President Muhammadu Buhari should honorably resign.

“A good coach cannot watch his players be defeated when he has players sitting down watching on the bench. Either Buhari resigns by himself or he will be impeached.

Charging the National Assembly to impeach the president if he fails to resign, Mbaka said, “House of Representatives should impeach the President if he doesn’t want to resign. If the members of these two houses do not want to impeach him and they want to begin to fight Fr. Mbaka, something worse than what they never imagine would happen to the members of the House of Senate and the members of the House of Representatives. Disaster is coming”.

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