Italy Will Miss Out On World Cup For The First Time In 60 Years

There will be no detailed-to-the-letter defensive tactics typical of Italian managers at the World Cup as the Azzuris have failed to qualify for the World Cup, for the first time since 1958. Yes! 1958. When it was still the Jules Rimet Cup and Antonio Conte, Luciano Spalletti, Marco Allegri and the Italian coaches of the new generation were yet to be given birth to.

Astonishingly, they lost to Sweden in a very fateful manner. Sweden hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1958 and ever since they never missed out on any tournament. With four World Cups in the bag amidst a hostile dearth in players’ quality and a reinvigorated yet less masterly understanding of the Italian coaching system, Italy have had to use also-rans to prosecute the majority of their games.

Since 2006, they managed to play at the Euros Final in 2012, losing heavily to Spain in the final, a group place elimination in 2014 World Cup and another fruitless display in the 2016 Euros. The times of Arigo Sacchi, Trapattoni and Marcelo Lippi are long gone.

There will be sullen Romans in Italy tonight as they were never cautious of the worst. Now Gianluigi Buffon will have to retire on a low, after seeing Juve get mashed and beaten by Real Madrid and now, his beloved Italy won’t be at the Mundial, indeed, nothing lasts forever.

Sweden will be at the World Cup for the first time 2006, coincidentally, the last time Italy won the World Cup too, it is indeed fateful! Now Italians must be faithful to failure or act in earnest to save their football from a relentless crash after Gian Piero Ventura’s inability to steady the flailing ship of the Azzurris.



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