Jackie Chan’s Daughter, Etta Chan Comes Out As A Lesbian

Jackie Chan’s daughter, Etta Chan has come out publicly as a lesbian.

She posted a photo on her Instagram page in front of a rainbow flag, with a caption, “#lgbtqai #lgbt #lesbian #androgynous.”

Etta made it known to her followers that she’s not only into lesbianism, but also in a loving relationship with social media popular influenced, Andi Autumn. Just some days after her initial post of an announcement, Etta made a follow up with yet another to thank everyone for their support and good words.

‘I am in awe at the amount of support and love poured my way. I am speechless at how followers went to my Girlfriend @andiautumn and my account to show us both so much positivity. People all over the world have been rooting us on as Hong Kong media continues to mock.’ She wrote.

Jackie Chan, a veteran Chinese-American in the movie industry has acted in a lot of movies and lived for the growth of the American and Chinese movie industries. Jackie, who has been nominated for and won many awards is yet to make comments on the new personality her daughter has taken up with Hong Kong having diverse opinions on the issues of their acceptance into the society. It is left to be seen if the famous actor will give his full support to his estranged 18-year old daughter.




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