Jeff Bezos Hits $100bn Mark After Black Friday Spree

American billionaire and e-commerce giants, Amazon’s largest shareholder, Jeff Bezos has gone beyond the $100bn mark.

Bezos achieved this new feat after his worth and assets turned at $110.3bn as a result of a great shopping return for Amazon. Amazon has made a huge $2.4bn on Black Friday with conservative billionaire, Bezos, their largest shareholders directly having a feel of the surge in his bank account.

Bezos has turned Amazon into one of the world’s biggest companies with several involvements as they have give commerce a new dimension since making it go wider and global with their online store.

Jeff Bezos

Bezos is the first man, according to the TMZ to reach the $100bn mark since 1999 when Bill Gates’ earning was smiling beyond the twelve figure mark. Amazon has become a brand that is getting wider and opening more channels into several endeavours. Recently, he launched a rocket into space and launched a grocery store for the company in a bid to wrestle relevance from the main players in the industry.

Amazon has made e-commerce a veritable tool to businnes development as many more companies have joined the trail and are faring credibly well. Bezos has played second fiddle to Bill Gates and other American billionaires since the 90s. It’s high time the world stood for a king on the lane, Bezos is moving mountains.



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