Just In: 561 New Cases Recorded As COVID-19 Hits 25,694 In Nigeria, Deaths Now 590

Nigeria’s COVID-19 cases soared again today, as total cases hit 25,694 after 561 new cases were recorded on Tuesday.

The NCDC in its daily update also said there are now 9746 recoveries and 590 deaths, leaving Nigeria’s total active cases at 15,358.

Lagos State again had the highest number of cases at 200, with Edo following with 119 cases recor



The death rate has further reduced to 2.2% while the rate of recovery has upped to almost 40% at 37.9%.

While cases have been increasing, Nigeria has also pegged the death rate at a relatively low level, with many more recoveries getting recorded.

At least one case was registered in 19 states of the federation.

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