Leadership Ineptitude And Internet Opportunists By Abdulkabir Oyemomi

I ransacked my library to choose the most suitable book to read for this free period: fiction? politics? leadership or motivational?

I had chosen John Grisham’s ‘The Chamber” which happens to be my favourite in my Grisham’s collection but something told me to go for ‘My Vision’!

‘ My Vision’ was originally written in Arabic by Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, the vice president of UAE and the ruler of Dubai ( don’t know what he is now). Every page of this book makes me sorry for the masses of this country, most especially the educated illiterates. In summary, as economically viable as UAE is Mohammed still believes the leadership needs to realize that there’s no room for hesitation about the speed to actualize many ideas.

To begin with, my choice of words around the title of this piece in relation to the ineptitude of our leaders is for want of better word and because I am not ready to give my time to this as such (just pass the message across and go back to reading) because our leaders truly know what they are doing if they refuse to listen to the yearnings of many reasonable callers to true self-determination. They cannot risk it!

We have people that are exceptionally brilliant amongst those who wield authority; some of them are first-class graduates of reputable Universities, some of them have certifications in virtually all fields of human endeavour. Yet, parochialism has rendered all these beautiful instruments impotent.

My real targets here are political jobbers and other charlatans who come on the internet to echo everything said by government or government agencies. See, many of you do not know what it really takes to be supporters or fans of a government. Many of you people are hypocritical warriors on the internet and cursers in real life. Stop the fake life!

Those of you that are vomiting and castigating the anti 5G advocates are really confused. Kindly tell me the potential harms in mellowing down on such projects for our dear country for now. How many indigenous projects have you written or spoken in favour as vehemently as you’re doing for imported 5G? If your answer is none, you can start measuring the length of your myopia!

The nub of your oblivion is your erroneous thoughts that castigating your loved political hero is like washing their dirty linens in public. You’re very wrong! Criticisms from fans are what actually make true leaders see clearer. Unlike those from faultfinders who want them fail ab-initio.

I love PMB immeasurably but I know there is a level at which honest mistakes are pardonable. So I am naturally duty-bound to let his administration feel that the price for slow or belated actions is unredeemable hatred. I want his administration to be a matter of ‘ repsa loquito’ by the time he hands over the government, meaning that I want his aids and we his lovers to have less to say while his achievements do most of the talking.

Ultimately, we all have to go back to the drawing board and come with propositions that will push this government to a lot of realizations.


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