Lessons From The Tiger Woods’ Story By Douglas Ogbankwa Esq.

As of 2008, Tiger Woods was perhaps the Greatest Golfer in the World. He had won the U.S. Masters and other exquisite titles multiple times, he had some of the biggest Endorsements in Sports and was married to an A-List Model with lovely kids and then boom; Tiger Woods’ World came crashing down, contingent on multiple sexual scandals.

His wife left him and he lost all of his endorsements, just as his form plummeted;
Lesson: Be careful when you are rich and famous, fame can bring shame, if not tamed.

Tiger Woods

While his wife left him his mother stood by him all these while, until his current resurgence ;
Lesson: Blood is five times thicker than water. You can have more than one wife or husband, but you can only have one mother or father.

Tiger Woods did not give up, he kept training hard and playing games even when he was no longer coming tops,
Lesson: You must keep on striving, even when you are down, there will be a resurgence, someday!

Tiger kept on working hard, even in the midst of adversity and just this weekend, he won the U.S. Masters, one of the biggest individual titles in Golf, which he last won in 2008. He has reached again the peak of his career;
Lesson: Perseverance, Patience and hard work culminate to success.

Tiger Woods is now the darling of the Media, his endorsements are back, his reputation is back, the American President, Donald Trump has even offered him a Presidential Medal of Honour; Lesson:
Nobody associates with failure, everybody associates with success.



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