Manny: The Cat That Takes Beautiful Selfies

Cats are really loveable animals, yes, but this won’t be accepted by all as they, according to some African traditional beliefs are possessors of all manners of sorcery spirits.

That’s about African beliefs. Our society reeks of many beliefs and judging every biological creature on those means one may never see the beauty and strength in them.

We have seen dogs who protect their owners’ households better than gun-wielding humans and we’ve probably heard of an Indian owner of a herd of cattle who abandoned his family to live with his bovine family. He spends a fortune on them and even celebrates it when they calve.

Ever heard of Crystal Palace’s legendary bird that’s trained to perch whenever there’s a game at the Selhurst Park? You must have heard one or two things about the “Secretariat,” a horse who made tens of million dollars for its owner through racing.  He is a legend in the United States’ horseracing history.

The first biological creature to have visited the moon was a dog and it came back alive. How about dogs who walked kilometres to help lift the moods of the families of the victims of the Texas terrorist attack?

Animals possess huge things that make them special creatures and the latest of them is Manny, The Cat!

Manny is a cat whose knack for taking selfies is legendary. He gets the angle so correctly, poses in a beautiful manner, extends one of its forelimbs and snap, a perfect selfie is made!

Sometimes, he takes it with his brothers from the canine specie, dogs! They look on amazed at the beauty of Manny’s brains and once again, deny that cats are not beautiful animals.

They are indeed, very precious creatures like every other animal.



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