Meet Nigerian Musician Willing To Turn Classical Music Around

In a society where few appreciate the advent of classical music, one gifted Nigerian musician is determined that the genre of classical music takes the centre stage.

Genevieve Ogu is a talented Classical/Broadway musician and composer who wants the Nigerian audience to view the genre as one for the household.

In an interview with ALEDEH, Ogu says she is of the idea that “The Classical/Broadway music should not be referred to as music for the elites alone. As far as I’m concerned, good music is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone.”

Genevieve Ogu rendering a classical piece

She believes that changing the narrative of Classical/broadway music in Nigeria is necessary due to its attractive, thought-provoking nature which could be used as an instrument to propagate positive changes in the society.

With a sonorous voice, Ogu has done this by passionately thrilling the Nigerian audience after venturing into professional classical/broadway music since 2013.

The talented singer was once recognised as the youngest choirmaster in 2009

From singing in the church choir as a little girl to graduating with accolades at MUSON, Ogu has maintained a brilliant stance with over 20 composed songs and about 10 short musicals to her credit.

She graduated as the Best Overall Student, Best Female Singer and Best Voice Student of Muson’s 2015 set and remains hopeful that other awards will come with time.

She was also a lead singer in a thrilling Broadway show in Lagos tagged ‘Some Enchanting Nights’ which features pieces from movies such as The Greatest Showman, Aladdin, Moana amongst others.

Ogu basically sings about life experiences and strongly believes that with her contribution, the society will appreciate classical/broadway music and be motivated to see it as a unique form of diversity in Nigeria’s musical terrain.

She said:” I see myself in the future at the forefront of Classical/Broadway music in Nigeria making impact in so many lives.”



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