Men Of God Or God Of Men? By Douglas Ogbankwa

Mathew 24:11:

“And Many false prophets shall arise and deceive many”
New King James Version.

As a Young Man growing up, when we got to Church, the Message was centred on salvation ,good character and life hereafter.

Nowadays, heralding the end of days, the message has changed .

Malachi 3:8:

“Will a Man rob God ?”.
Are you God or do you think you can help God? Why not let God bother about it?

When you see a Pastor always ask, “Will a Man rob God ?”. Chances are that he is the real robber of God.

We now have demagogues who are men of God, or, wait for this, god of men.

In some cases, a few of these Pastors, who are indeed native doctors just put the shrine somewhere in the church compound and carry the bible. I say this not as rumour. I know an awful lot about this, as I have been involved in real life cases with evidence of such.

Not all Pastors are like that. There are some who are still of God and we know them as the Bible says “By their fruits we shall know them”.

A Church (Photo: Cross Walk)

Is Malachi 3:8 ,the only verse in the bible.
When last did your Pastor teach from the book of Exodus Chapter 31 -The Ten Commandments?

I know what you will say now: “The Church is marching on, the gates of hell can not prevail”.

Judgment shall begin from the House of God.

The Bible says in the book of proverbs 19:17: “Who ever gives to the poor lends to God”. When last did you hear that in Church? Instead, some will take from Poor and even steal from God.

There more 30 verses in the Bible where giving to the poor was mentioned and only one where it was stated “Will a Man rob God?”. In both of them God was mentioned. Why is “Will a Man rob God ?”, the national item is some churches?

“My home is beyond sky, my home is beyond the sky o, I am a Stranger here, my home is beyond the sky”.

But you are buying private jets, building universities, having tens of exotic and expensive cars. You build expensive secondary schools and universities with people’s tithes and offerings, with you and your family as the owner; “are you not a thief?”

Why are you acquiring stupendous wealth in a place you say you are a Stranger? Whom are you deceiving? You say protection is from the Lord, but you carry police escorts, you preach about fornication, but you commit adultery. Daniel will soon come to Judgment.

Nowadays, you even have some yuppy and dashy pastors talk about biblical prohibited pre-marital relationships in way that promotes decadence, unwarranted pregnancies and makes church look like a dating group. The irony is that though many of these Pastors are married, some of them are caught in mind blowing sexual scandals which have components of what they preached against. Who is deceiving who?

I can not say all I know on this Matter, but soon there shall come a Pharaoh that knows no Joseph.

Opinions expressed in this article are solely the writer’s, not ALEDEH’S



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