Nigeria Begins Repairs Of $1.5bn PH Refinery be completed in 44 months

Federal Government of Nigeria has commenced the rehabilitation of the $1.5bn Port Harcourt refinery on Thursday.

Yakubu Mustapha, Chief Operating Officer, Refineries, who disclosed this to reporters said there would be a progress report regularly to shed light on the project objectives and scope.

“Today is a technical kick-off meeting. Starting from today, we will be having what is called progress report.

“Furthermore, to also have understanding around the stakeholder’s expectations and the project objectives that okay this refinery, our expectation is that that the refinery will be rehabilitated to a minimum of 90 percent NNPC capacity,” Mustapha said.

Nigeria Begins Repairs Of $1.5bn PH Refinery

The project, according to him, is expected to create a lot of job opportunities, especially for the local communities where the company was situated.

He stated, “This job is going to create a lot of opportunities for our local communities. At the peak, we are going to have about 3,000 personnel working here.

“The project has started today and by our project schedule, it is in three phases because we have the old Port Harcourt refinery here, which is 60, 000 barrel capacity.

“Then the bigger one is 120, 000 barrels per day. We have started and the first phase is 24-month and then we have 36. Ultimately the total completion about 44-month,” he explained.

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