Nigeria Moves Up On Transparency International’s Corruption Index

Nigeria’s anti-corruption drive was evident on the new ranking by the Transparency International(TI) as the country moved up four places on the corruption list.

In the 2018 ranking of TI, Nigeria moved up from 148 in 2017 to 144 of 180 countries rated in the ranking, but stalled on points at its 27 points of 2017.

According to TI’s official statement on its regional analysis, it said Nigeria’s anti-corruption drive has been recognisable alongside Kenya and Angola’s.

TI which celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2018 said about Nigeria;

”With a score of 27, Nigeria remained unchanged on the CPI since 2017. Corruption was one of the biggest topics leading up to the 2015 election and it is expected to remain high on the agenda as the country prepares for this year’s presidential election taking place in February.

Nigeria’s Buhari administration took a number of positive steps in the past three years, including the establishment of a presidential advisory committee against corruption, the improvement of the anti-corruption legal and policy framework in areas like public procurement and asset declaration, and the development of a national anti-corruption strategy, among others. However, these efforts have clearly not yielded the desired results. At least, not yet.”

One of the most improved countries in their fight against corruption are West African nations; Ivory Coast and Senegal gaining 8 and 9 points respectively. While Cote D’Ivoire moved from 27 to 35 points, Senegal also moved from 36 to 45 points to make the most significant improvement in Africa.

With a score of 37, Gambia improved seven points since last year, while Seychelles improved six points, with a score of 66. Eritrea also gained four points, scoring 24 in 2018. In Gambia and Eritrea, political commitment combined with laws, institutions and implementation help with controlling corruption.

Lowly ranked on the list in Africa are; Mozambique, Ghana, Liberia, Burundi and Congo.

Africa’s average CPI of 32 still leaves little to celebrate but with most governments experiencing a change in leadership in the last few years, there is hope for the future.

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