Nigerian Wave: See Nigerian-American Rapper, CHIKA Turning Heads In The US Music Industry

Female Nigerian rapper, Chika Oranika, simply known as CHIKA has sent the internet into frenzy after calling out Kanye West and doing her cover of JayCole’s 1985.

CHIKA has earned rave reviews from music analysts and followers as her rawness and finesse have stayed very noticeable, as she spews words at ease and with great quality.

Nigerian-American rapper, Wale Folarin was one of several others who had good words for CHIKA as she continues to stun listeners about her immense ability to deliver great fusion of rhythm and poetry.

Despite the difficulties faced by female rappers in male-dominated industry in Nigeria, the Nigerian-American rapper is fast gaining popularity and earning endorsements from top hip-hop heads, including the legendary Ice T, Wale and Funkmaster Flex.

Chika, 21, dropped a video on April 21, to reply J.Cole’s ‘1985’ from his latest album, KOD.

The video has amassed lots of views having been easily identifiable by the Alabama native’s followers.  It has been viewed over 1.4 million times and has 24 retweets and 63 thousand likes.

“1985’ re-inspired a little bit of hope into me,” she told HipHopDX after the video was posted. “Somebody still cares about the impact of what they’re saying to the culture. It was something that made me extremely excited, and I had to respond to it.”

Six days later, CHIKA turned more heads than she could have ever imagined after responding to a flurry of tweets by Kanye West with an open letter, laying up thick bars over West’s ‘Jesus Walks’ track.

“Now Mr West take a seat, I implore ya,” she begins in the video which has garnered more than 5 million views. The video also has 107 thousand retweets and over 288 thousand likes in less than 48 hours of release.

Afterwards, CHIKA went all out for Kanye West delivering thick bars and penetrating lines.

“And your music has been wack/and your views are moving back to a day that triggers n*ggas because we still hear that whip crack,” she raps.

Ice T commented bars like those threw him off the hook and he had to take a second look at who dropped such quality.

“THIS NAIJA WOMAN RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!!! If you people don’t pay attention fast you will lose out!!!! Come on through Chika,” says Grammy and Tony awards winner Cynthia Erivo, who like CHIKA, has a Nigerian background.

CHIKA herself was very surprised to see her views on her diss of Kanye West move up so quickly. She tweeted;

“When you hit 50k on IG at 6 am, take a 2-hour nap and wake up to 60k.

“It’s not even about the numbers but 50k has been a milestone I wrote down when I first started this. I saw it, screenshotted so I could thank everyone, took a nap and it was on to the next one.”

Earlier in the month, the independent artist had begged for financial help to boost her career.

“Someone give me a shot. Lock me up in a studio. Forget the money, you I’ll get it back,” she says. “Invest in me and you won’t be sorry.” Talk about great faith in one’s quality.

CHIKA is also a poet and spoken word artist. Her poetry EP, Full Bloom was released on Soundcloud in 2017.

Flying high on her new success, CHIKA is expected to drop her mixtape soon and a lot of great stuff and quality is expected.

“I’m good at what I do,” she says in a post on Instagram. “I’m proud of that fact. Now let me show y’all for real, for real what I’m made of.”




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