Nigerians Are Being Sold In Libya! ALEDEH Confirms From Sad Stories Revealed By Returnees

In a bid to ascertain the concreteness  and authenticity of the stories emanating from Libya, ALEDEH placed a call through to one of those who worked hard to actualize the deportation of 90 Nigerians from Libyan prisons.

At the Lagos Airport Hotel where the returnees from Libya were lodged, ALEDEH had three separate interviews with the returnees via  transcribed voice messages where they revealed their unsavoury stories as a synergy was established in their revelations.

The trio, named Destiny, Endurance and Rachael revealed to ALEDEH how important it is to rescue the very many Nigerians still in Libya as they revealed the very inhumane treatments being meted out on Nigerians in the North African country. During separate interviews, each of the three individuals quizzed  hammered on the grievous conditions that Blacks, especially Nigerians are being made to face in the country with persistent starvation, enforced dehydration, battery, lack of medical care and insanely abnormal treatments meted out on children whose parents are powerless to do anything.

They also revealed that Nigerian men are the most battered there, with many of the being forced to drink salty water as a result of a lack of provision of good water while their penis are getting rotten from injuries that are not being treated.

Below are conversations made with the returnees from Libya who spoke Pidgin and gave a detailed account of their disgusting sojourns in the war-ravaged country.

LR- Libya Returnee

LR1: Hello Sir!
Sulai: Hello Good morning my brother!
LR1 :good morning bros!
Sulai: Welcome home oo! Welcome
LR1: thank God!
Sulai: abeg wetin be ur name?
LR1: my name na Destiny
Sulai: this whole thing wey we dey hear for Libya because I’m a friend to….I try to write more about them so that more people still there, we can quickly see what we can do for them! Tell me exactly wetin dey happen, what exactly is happening?

Destiny: Libya ehn!! I no fit lie you, Libya no good ohh! Libya, people dey die for there oo…our people wey dey there, dem too plenty! People too… Ahh! No be small thing oo, dem dey kill black people like say tomorrow no dey! Inside prison to prison before dem carry us to airport…dem say na mass deportation, say dem wan vote…dem dey destroy…no be small thing ooo…dem say as e dey like dis, person wey high no reach am! U no fit brother ehn ..see everybody wey e go Libya wey carry full body come house ehn, na im baba God na im try for am…make we forget about who die…many people wey have body na him dey take come Nigeria so…no be small thing…as I dey like dis, na manage I dey take talk to you, no be say I fit comot for house! Libya ehn! Libya na War! War!! War!!! Dem too dey worry..see ehn, Libya see ehn..una never hear anything Libya, anything, that country ehn, no be lie oo, it’s very bad!!

Sulai: People wey come now..people still dey there?

Destiny: (cuts in) people full there…people still full there…no be only there ooo…(calls names of cities where Nigerians are kept hostage)… Na only the one wey we know so oo…some dey wey we never know wey people still dey, black! My brother ehn..for there, na soso prison, our money, money wey dem get, na prison dem use am build..if u see prison my brother, u urself, u go surprise, underground oo! People wey enter prison wey e lost….

Sulai: why they come dey do Nigerians this thing?

Destiny: I no understand dem ooo my brother oo…no be small disturbance ooo!!! No be small “worriness”
..the nomba of people wey e die, dey no fit count am, wey e die for there! So they no fit count that one my brother…

Sulai: Destiny welcome (in a very sullen tone)

Destiny: thank God!! Na Godu blessing, na God oo!! Thank God baba!

Reporter: hello!

Sulai: haa! I’m so distraught now honestly! If he’s saying that more people are there, that means the govt needs to know so that they can go back ..

Reporter(Solomon): exactly! 15k migrants are kept there and he’s very confident that 10k of them are Nigerians…itz going to be back to back trips in this entire month of December.

Sulai: wetin be ur name?

LR2: My name na Endurance

Sulai: Endurance, welcome ooo!!

LR2: I be journalist, I just dey talk to Destiny now and e dey tell me d things wey una go through for Libya!

Endurance: abeg, no be small thing oo!! If u get any way wey una fit take help our Nigerians wey still dey there, abeg may una just try as much as possible, abeg bros! Because if u see d prisons wey we comot so, people dey die, Nigerians dey die, almost 10,000, dem load am for one room, only one that student bed, two people na him dey sleep on top am…I say for good three months now, Macaroni without no oil na him I dey eat…I don sick, no treatment, dem no go gv you medicine, anything!! As I dey now, I no even well, nobody dey sound for here….

Sulai: thank God oo, people still remain there? Dem still remain?

Endurance: our camp wey we dey, the one wey we dey alone, almost 600 Nigerians…our ambassador, I don’t know what’s wrong with that man! That man ehn, he just go one deportation camp, people wey don dey(mentions Libyan town) four days, just go register them, carry dem comot yesterday, the ones wey don dey 3 months, 4 months, 6 months, d man no come carry dem! He just leave dem for there!! People wey never register, they are almost 600 Nigerians…


Sulai: what about our girls? How? Dey don bring dem back?

Endurance: Ehn…dey don bring girls…dem dey attend to girls issues but for boys, dey don go one deportation camp for men…na dem deportation camp be real prison wey be say we dey for here, dey no come dey deport us…I just thank God only 90, na him register.. Only 90 na im he fit carry comot!!

Sulai: So we get about 410(510) remaining there!

Endurance: they don already register…410 just dey there now…over 500, dem never register!!

Sulai: Our sister dem, hope say dem no rape dem?

Endurance: (exclaims) ehhhh!! That one ehn!! That one!! Thank God say our girls no too many for there again!! That’s all! But boys wey e still dey! Haa! Boys na die!! Bros, if u see human being, if we take pictures take look us now, u for pity us! Girls dey born for there anyhow!

Sulai: haaa!!! Dem dey sell people for there true true?

Endurance: (mentions Libyan term for selling humans).. Na im make dem no dey reason Nigeria matter…dem go come our hall come dey call name…dem go do Banami I.e dem dey sell people 3000 Dinars…even our Ambassador dey aware of the issue but if e wan talk, u no say na Rabo, dem go use style…if u see trap wey dem dey use, we dey kiss blood as e dey here so…dem go use shovel, use hammer use am harm human being head… Two toilets, about 5000 people we dey use am, just two toilets…

Sulai: thank God say u don come! when una reach Benin, dem go carry una go hospital by God’s grace..we go make sure say govt hear this thing wey you talk…

Endurance: abeg! Abeg!!

Sulai: we go see how dem go take arrange others for there…Solomon know me! By God’s grace, we go make sure say govt hear this!

Endurance: okay okay!! Abeg bros, make una just help dem!!!..

Sulai: dis one wey una come so, abeg any girl follow una come?

Endurance: girls follow us come

Sulai: no wahala!

LR3: Hello

Sulai: madam, good morning oo!!
LR3: good morning sir!!

Sulai: madam, welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!
LR3: I hear sir!

Sulai: I be journalist, I dey talk to Solomon because we wan dey see wetin dey happen make we quickly talk to govt so that..dem say some other people remain there!
Sorry wetin be ur name?

LR3: Rachael
Sulai: Rachael, welcome!
LR3: I hear sir! Thank you sir

Sulai: people still remain for there?
Rachael: people remain, no be small thing oo, abeg make una go help dem for that side oo, dem too many!! Dey no give them food, nothing nothing!! Sometimes, dem fit gv dem food, food wey dem go give them, small bread, small Hausa bread, half!!

Sulai: dem tell una why dem dey treat una like this?

LR3: dem no tell us oo, dem say Nigerians say na ashawo dem dey do! Dem no get work… Na im we tell dem say no be Libya we come, we wan cross! Dem say na lie oo… Dem say we be ashawo(prostitutes) say make we go back to our country! Because of that, any small thing like this, dem go burst our head!!

Sulai: (cuts in) ha!!

Rachael: dem dey use us like goats..I even get belle sef..

Sulai: na there u get belle or u don get belle before?

Rachael: I get belle before I comot..

Sulai: na risk u take oo, thank God say u don come!

Rachael: dem even burst my head! I even get two of my sisters sef, e still dey Libya, d same papa, d same mama, dem still dey house wey dem dey, wey dem take arrest dem!!

Sulai: u know d place wey dem dey make we tell govt?

Rachael: No!! I never know d place! I don make up my mind say if I don reach house, I go call d person wey go fit help me find dem!!

Sulai: u go talk with this oga Solomon wey go reach me so that if una don know where dem dey, make we just know so that we go tell people!
Those people wey dem get children, hope say dem no injure the children?

Rachael: no! But their children dey sick seriously.. They no give dem food…even we sef, if we sick, dem no dey give us medicine, dem just dey maltreat us anyhow!! Toilet wey dem dey piss na him we dey even dey sleep…una do well d way una come take help us oo

Sulai: thank God! Rachael sorry ooo!!! We go follow up on this matter ehn

Rachael: abeg, make una help, even our boys, deir prick(manhood) dey rotten d way dem take dey beat water wey dem dey give them…na salt water…if u see boys, people wey carry AIDS even better..dem no dey give dem water, nothing!!! D water wey dem give dem sef, if u piss ehn, e get malaria sickness wey person wey sick dey piss, naso d water be…even to walk, leg dey pain person
Dem go dey beat person anyhow, dey kill person anyhow.. dey call person( Libyan name)..even if u talk, u no talk, dem go bursti bursti ur head…underground prisons…abeg, our boys ehn, dem too dey punish our una help us, make una go help dem…all the whole boys, all the whole places, even uncompleted building, dey just pack Nigerian people full…even some people sef, dem no dey even hear about dem, their family think say dey don die..dem never die, e get one place wey dem dey pack dem put..abeg!!

Sulai: Okay madam Rachael, welcome!!!

The source who facilitated the interview with the returnees disclosed that there are still about 10,000 Nigerians still lying in Libyan prisons waiting to be rescued from the gory conditions they’ve been subjected to.



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