…Not The End… By Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

This is an open letter to a friend outside there that is passing through hard times right now.
Though, I do not know you but, I am led by the Spirit of God to write this out… I trust it’ll save a soul and uplift many by His grace.

Let me share my agonies with you in brief. I’m a young missionary in a cute remote society. I love God and I love to make people around me happy. I derive joy in seeing people around me excited.

I’m comfortable when those I meet everyday are ok, I hate it when people feels sad or are hurt by life issues. I believe we’re to be fine, no matter what !

But recently, I have being battling with issues that pertains life. Career wise, relationship, finance, ministry, health among others. And it’s seems my life is going to end in jeopardy. Many don’t understand my feelings, so they quickly pass judgement on me. This hurts and deepens my sorrows.

Sometimes, in my closet, I shed tears… Looking for way out ! Sometimes, I feel forgotten and abandoned. Most times, i unnecessarily become angry on what really doesn’t what a show of annoyance. Sometimes, I reasoned “heavy” things ! I was enveloped by my situations…

My dear friend, I must confess that while those times are on, it was hard to meditate and pray. It was hard to pray and even observe a fast ! The truth is, it takes the special grace of God for a sorrowed soul to solely give time time for prayers… The reason is that, the mind is captivated already.

Despite these horrible scenes that walls around me, I took time to download the messages of my role model Rev. Sam Adeyemi of Daystar Christian Center. I also went back to read his history on how he overcame his sorrowful days, and guess what, I was lifted !

I also gave my time to listen to good music. I bought Frank Edwards album titled Grace featuring Don Moen, I also got Nathaniel Bassey’s Flames of Revival and I do listen to Onos Ariyo (Alagbara) ! Sincerely, I feel changed within.

My dear friend, I also read my Bible and had little prayers, I gave myself to much medications as suggested by Pastor Rick Warren. I read the book of Mark and Exodus. These books tells about the wondrous activities of God. How God transformed many lives for best !

Dear friend, what are you facing right away? What’s that situation that seems deadly to you? Are you feeling neglected? Are you sorrowfully cornered by life trials? Is your job giving you tears? Or your career, family, marriage? Are you planning to give up? Or you’ve given up already?

Dear friend, that is not the end. Your present problem is actually a challenge. You’re coming out stronger. Your prayer points will turn out to be your praise points !

Let me relate some biblical testimonies to you. Exodus 14:15-31 tells us about how God made way for His children when they faced the Red Sea with the Egyptians behind them ! Mark 2:1-12 tells us how a paralyzed man was healed. Acts of the Apostles 3:1-11 tells us about the testimony of the crippled begger at the beautiful gate.

Dear friend, I believe in miracles… My God is still charging lives. Miracles are still happening everyday. Yours is coming.

This is not your end, God is coming BIG for you. So cheer up. Encourage yourself and trust more in God.

I pray you find peace as you read this piece.
May the good Lord be with you always.

God bless you.

I’m expecting your testimony.

Balogun writes from Sabongidda Ora, Owan West, Edo State.



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