Notorious Internet Fraudster, Pablo Ayodeji Reveals Why He Defrauds Twitter Users

Notorious Nigerian internet fraudster, Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji, popularly known as Pablo on Twitter, has revealed why he swindles scores of unsuspecting users on the micro-blogging site.

Pablo who first drew social media attention on March 30, 2017, when a lady refunded some expenses he had incurred on a date, is embroiled in another internet fraud.

In March, Ore Oyebola returned N5,000 to Pablo who had only spent N3,800 and asked him to keep the change after he openly ranted about how a lady he took out failed to accept his advances.

His rant caused outrage on the social networking platform, which led to him topping the Nigerian Twitter trend for days.

Months after the incident, Pablo is at it again, this time he defrauded scores of unsuspecting users on Twitter under the false pretence of losing his job.

On Monday morning, December 25, a user on the micro-blogging site, @nuellaa_ag tweeted that ‘she’ had recently lost her job and sought financial support to get by this Yuletide.

The appeal garnered hundreds of retweets within minutes, prompting a deluge of support from sympathetic users who began to transfer their widow’s mite to the bank account ‘she’ provided.

Hours later, it was discovered that the handle (@nuellaa_ag) has a pattern of requesting for financial support using different screen names online.

It became clear that the user was trying to defraud scores of unsuspecting users after the Wema Bank account information provided by @nuellaa_ag actually matched the name of ‘Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji’, @PabloAyodeji.

Though Pablo initially denied being a con artist, he, however, succumbed to social media anger and threats of both physical and legal backlash against him, prompting him to give reasons for his fraudulent act.

Adeniji Olaoluwa Ayodeji, popularly known as Pablo .

Giving reasons for his decision Pablo tweeted: “So I take responsibility for scamming people on the TL. Nothing I say will justify what I did. But mans was really broke and that seemed like my last resort. I’ll still be dealt with so this is not a get out jail card,” he tweeted.

Pablo also apologised to his friend for using the sister’s bank details for fraudulent activities. “I would like to offer my sincere apologies to Oldapo and his sister Adeola for dragging them into this mess. They legit had no idea and they shouldn’t be blamed in anyway. I take full responsibility for everything”.

He went further: “With all that being said Y’all would get your money back once I get my account restored. So what prison am I going to and how many years do I get for my crime ??”

Surprisingly, Pablo had boasted hours before his confession that he could get away with his wrongdoings in the same manner that some Nigerian public officials got away with stealing public funds.

” that he could get away with his wrongdoings in the same manner that some Nigerian public officials got away with stealing public funds”, he tweeted.



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