”Okon Lagos Needs Serious Professional Help” – Joe Abah

Dr. Joe Abah has said Nigerian comic actor, Ime Bishop Umoh, popularly known as Okon Lagos needs serious professional help for his latest comments about prostitutes.

Okon Lagos had made a video where he said the prostitutes raped by Policemen in Abuja should not press charges for reasons cited as too lopsided and sexist by members of the public.

Well, that is a wrong charge. The charge should not be rape because there is a difference between rape and stealing.

“What those police officers did in Abuja was not rape but stealing’ because they forcefully took what the prostitutes sell and did not pay money.

“So that is stealing of their product and merchandise. There is a little of one in another

“Prostitutes no get self-pride and dignity. Both are criminal acts but different… Rape and Theft,” Okon said.

Dr. Abah in his comment said Okon Lagos should never use an issue of rape as a form of comedy and advised that he seeks professional help if he was serious.

”Dear Mr Okon. Rape is the worst form of violation anybody can experience in their lives. If it was meant as a joke, you need to know that jokes about rape are NEVER funny. If it wasn’t meant as a joke, then I think you need serious professional help as soon as possible,” Dr. Abah tweeted.




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