OPINION: Lies Cannot Validate The Authenticity Of Truth By Jack Amaso

You don’t lie against the devil to make him “deviler”, for men to see him as “devilest”, such an action always has a bouncing back effect…..but not on the devil…..for he is (according to the good book) a liar and the father of it. John 8:44 KJV.


“Online newspaper, Premium Times, has sacked its Jos-based reporter, Mr. Andrew Ajijah, over a false story credited to the cattle breeders association, Miyetti Allah, on the mayhem in Plateau State in which 100 people were killed.“https://www.google.com.ng/amp/s/guardian.ng/news/premium-times-sacks-reporter-over-false-report-on-miyetti-allah/amp.


Rilwan Adetayo Balogun, reporting for Aledeh. com, under the headline: “How Fake News Escalated Crisis In Plateau”, reports:

“One of the most worrisome realities of modern journalism in Nigeria is the increase in the number of fake news and how they fuel crisis in different parts of the country…..Reports filtered in about a top news website quoting the head of the Cattle Herders group, Miyetti Allah to have said killings in Plateau arose as a result of cattle rustling by the natives of the affected communities and was a retaliation to the loss of their cattle. The head of the group, Danladi Ciroma refuted the statement and said what he told the reporter was completely turned upside down.”https://www.google.com.ng/amp/s/aledeh.com/how-fake-news-escalated-crisis-in-plateau/amp/

On her part, Yemisi Adegoke reported, for the BBC, on June 29, 2018, under the headline: “How fake news fuels Nigeria’s herder crisis”, that “Fake pictures circulating on social media which users are falsely claiming depict inter-communal violence are inflaming already high tensions in Nigeria……His comments drew widespread anger and swift condemnation, but he has denied ever making the statement.”https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-44655148.


*Did he Quote Danladi Ciroma out of context? or worse.

*Did he distort what the man said? or even worse.

*Did he invent words of mischief in the name of Danladi?  


If Andrew is sure of his facts, and stands by them, but is afraid for his life, in the face of Buhari’s security system and its formidable Fulani content, headed by the Commander-in-Chief himself and his secret police chief; Mr Lawal Musa Daura the, Director General of the DSS. He just might find a haven, of safety in a foreign embassy or high commission  (preferably from the West) just the way WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, sought refuge in Ecuador’s embassy in London. With the safety assured, he could convince the world with his recorded tapes, for the world to hear and arrive at a consensus.


However, in an attempt to make his point (if he has one), he should not complicate his position by avoiding the temptation of Arkady Babchenko, the Russian journalist, who faked his own death. Patrick Reevell, in his May 31st, 2018 article for abc NEWS, titled: “Pig’s blood and a trip to the morgue: How Russian journalist faked his death”, provided the following details:

“Speaking on Thursday, Babchenko described how the operation had involved staging every step of an actual assassination. On Tuesday, Ukraine’s police said that Babchenko had been shot dead in his apartment building, saying his wife had found him covered in blood with multiple gunshot wounds. She called an ambulance, and he was declared dead before reaching the hospital. A photograph appeared in Ukrainian social media showing Babchenkos “corpse,”lying in a pool of blood with three bullet-holes in his back, while police released a sketch of a supposed ‘suspect’. On Thursday Babchenko said that he and Ukraine’s police had simulated every step of that. First, he said a make-up artist arrived at his house and he began practising falling down.”https://abcnews.go.com/International/ukraine-criticized-dead-journalist-subterfuge/story?id=55559223


*The refusal of President Buhari to fire the Inspector General of Police for disobedience to his orders with respect to Benue.

*The twin offensive statements by Buhari’s minister of defence.

*The refusal of the president to name the herdsmen a terrorist group.

*The refusal of the police to enforce the anti-cattle grazing law in Benue, thus creating a State of anarchy.

The above points have implicated the president, especially when one considers the haste with which he defended these same herdsmen under Governor LAM Adesina in 2000, a sharp contrast with his impotent words, when he visited Plateau state, words too impotent to impregnate our minds with what he would want us to regard as his truth.

He said in Plateau: “But the present herder, I am told, carries AK47 and people are even blaming me for not talking to them because maybe (they say) I look like one of them. There is some injustice in these aspersions.https://www.google.com.ng/amp/punchng.com/its-unjust-to-say-im-silent-on-killings-by-herdsmen-buhari/amp/.


Mr Ajijah didn’t need to add pepper to the story, to make it sweeter, now the same pepper has burnt him,  where it matters most…… His career.

He should have been ethical about the whole episode.

Truth doesn’t need falsehood to stand.

The opinions expressed in this article are solely those of the author and not of ALEDEH.

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