OPINION: Thinking Aloud By Tosin Akande

“Your excuse that you might ‘misbehave’ holds no water. Many of the Pastors you look up to are into it. I cover them, not because of their filthy holiness but because of my name which they represent. I only expose the arrogant and un-called among them so come as you are. I said I will definitely help you.”

Ah! I shouted, both in protest and uttermost disbelief but I heard that inner voice so loudly. Notwithstanding and nearly seven years after that, I have not ventured into ministry because I am yet to come to terms with that reality.

Am I that bad a sinner? No! Why then am I so hard and harsh on myself? Truth is, these things are deeper than the surface thoughts.

I speak as a man; an ordinary man who, in sin, my mother conceived me…who is fulltime flesh and part-time, Spirit so before you condemn me in the eyes of men, let me condemn myself before the Almighty God who alone will determine my end; not you- a fellow sinner!

I say it loud; I am a sinner- though, honest bout it but not proud about it! The many Pentecostals around may not accept this but we are all sinners. The difference is that while some are bold, brazen and hypocritic about theirs like the Pharisees and the Sadducees; some of us acknowledge our weaknesses like the the tax-collector who came into the synagogue and Jesus said of him in Luke 18:14;

“He went home, justified.”

COZA Senior Pastor, Biodun Fatoyinbo

That’s the God that sets down the proud and lifts up the humble.

There are many ills confronting Pastors just like it does their followers- theft, envy, adultery, lying, gossip, pride, fornication, murder etc.

A Holy-Ghost-filled Pastor; a true man of God accepts limitations; they know they cannot be 100% sin-proof. They can only pray against slips with the help of the Holy Ghost. Hence, in humility, I always sign-up that while I MAY not commit any, I MIGHT commit any.

Grammatically, MAY portends, maybe 50:50 or 60:40 probability while MIGHT implies a far lesser probability, say 80:20 or 90:10 and that’s how I choose to see myself before God. “I might mess up. I might miss it. Lord, help me.”

Interestingly, I since found out that God reveals more onto ‘this small me’ based on this humble approach. I doubt if my Pentecostal folks will agree with me; that’s if they haven’t started shouting heresy! heresy!! Yet, I assure them, the more spiritually arrogant we get, the less of the Holy Spirit we will see in this Age.

The COZA/ Dakolo family story has become a running story in the media and no doubt, it is not a welcome development.

For the Pastor, whose forte I am not holding, it’s become one story; too many and that’s my only angst with him. Evidently, rape or no rape; affairs with women or not, he seems to have thrown caution to the wind. I pray God saves him from this one- he must learn to have sober times as did Apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12. I dare say committing the wrong is not the issue but contrition; penitence which can forestall a repeat-offence.

For church members, I mean Christians generally, the Berean example is there in Acts 17:10 as the example to follow but…in which case, as we say in Equity, you take your ‘Pastor’ as you find him.

Nearly 99.5% don’t read the Scriptures; more than that hardly pray. As we say in the streets, “E be one kain; E get as e be!” We cannot eat our cakes and still have them! Godly virtues will surely be missing!

We are supposed to be fixed on Jesus for all other things to be on our trail but he looked so much at the crowd and the pleasures of the world. I had private meetings with him, nearly a decade ago and as feedback to his messages, I tried to make him see some Biblical truths he flagrantly flouted but he was too steep in impressing the crowd.

Now, will Jesus trail after all such worldly considerations?

Again, “nobody holy pass”…that street jargon sure explains why God has often refused to mark our iniquities but the crux of my position is that Pastors need to be more humble and sober before the Lord and in their open and private conducts with members; in their utterances et al. We will have less crisis in the church. I’m sorry but I know what am saying.

Meanwhile, can you see why we are where we are?

Tosin Akande Thinking Aloud. TATA 120


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