Opposition Leader Wins DR Congo’s Presidential Election

Opposition leader, Felix Tsishekedi has defeated outgoing President, Joseph Kabila’s anointed candidate in DR Congo’s Presidential election.

Presidential elections in the other side of the Congo River saw Tsishekedi earn a surprise victory over Emmanuel Hadary, who is Kabila’s protégé.

Felix Tsishekedi

Tsishekedi has been bullish about his chances of victory since the election was concluded.

Internet network was halted, and some radio stations were under lockdown immediately after the election, with government saying it did that to prevent an uprising.

The results of the 80 million- DR Congo were supposed to have been announced on the 6th of January but the electoral commission claimed they were not through with counting the votes cast.

The Constitutional Court’s validation of the result will mark the first transfer of power by the ballot box since Congo gained independence from Belgium nearly six decades ago.

Shadary came a distant third in the election with Tsishekedi and Martin Fayulu earning more votes than Kabila’s candidate, which is seen as a clear mark of the nation’s tiredness of the two-decade leadership of the Kabila family.

Tshisekedi, 55, garnered 7.05 million votes, the electoral commission, known as CENI, said in provisional results broadcast on state television Thursday in the capital, Kinshasa.

Tshisekedi “is provisionally proclaimed elected as president,” CENI President Corneille Nangaa said.

Rival opposition leader Fayulu got 6.37 million ballots, while Shadary obtained 4.36 million, he said.

Tsishekedi’s victory at the polls is coming after his agreement with another opposition leader, Vital Kamerhe, who is set to become his Prime Minister, if their agreement is followed.

He has a strong following in capital, Kinshasha and Central region, Kasai, which helped his victory at the polls.



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