PDP’s Campaign Of Calumny Will Not Stop Ize-Iyamu By Goldfish Rahmatulai

I have been reading the now opposition throw shades at the future Governor (Pastor Barr. Osagie Ize-Iyamu) of Edo state come November 2020 (In sha Allah).

Clearly, they haven’t learnt much from 2016; their then GODFATHER is no longer dancing that old dance with them in 2020. I see they now have Lucky Igbinedion and other ex-convicts as their new godfathers and zaddies.

While I will never engage in a campaign of calumny, I will post facts and wait for obaseki (God knows I hate to talk about him) and his gang to deny or sue me.

I will not allow friends and foes to load lies on my person and get away with it this time.

Barr. Goldfish Rahmatulai

I do not believe that good friends are supposed to smear you or damage your reputation to climb the ladder of life. While it is magnanimous to forgive, it is foolishness to forget and allow history repeat itself by allowing the totally failed opposition even breath.

The month of July is dedicated to promoting Ize-Iyamu and projecting his manifesto “the Simple Agenda” and for listening/reading contributions on what to add to our roburst manifesto. August is for clearing the doubts of the failed opposition and September, we will go to the polls. In sha Allah, we will all be alive.

My name is Goldfish Rahmatulai, I am from ward 3, unit 8, Owan East LGA. I carry the APC membership card strictly for President Muhammadu Buhari at the Federal level and Pastor Barr. Osagie Ize-Iyamu at the State level. Every other APC member is my friend to the extent of their contributions to the well being of others and country.


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