Poetry: Strong In Hijab By Sakeenah Adeyinka

How can I let this pass me by?
How can they not understand why?
To live is by His grace
To choose what life to live is but a choice.

To cover is being “oppressed” and “abused”;
To uncover is being “free”
(Who speaks in those voices?)
If liberty means nudity to her,
It means modesty to me.

Have you ever stopped to ask why I dress this way?
Do you care to know why I chose this grace?
You look and act like you feel pity for me.
I boldly say that should be felt towards yourself.
I need not your pity nor gaze,
Coz life gives me more comely grace.

My choice is not some trend that comes and goes away with time.
It stays with me through thick and thin.
This life I have chosen soothes me and honours me.
It suites all occasion and time.
It bestows on me that which I deserve.
It never leaves me like a straying friend
For better for worse is our bond
Not your stare, gaze nor talks can break this bond.

If you truly care about me,
Let my choice and my decision be
If truly you want me to be the best,
Then let my choice come first!

To deprive me is to make me bare!
To chastise me is to give a dare!
My choice is mine so let me be!
To love me is to respect my choice!
To respect my choice is to respect me!
To respect me is to know that…
My Hijab makes me strong!

Dedicated to all hijabis over the world on this World Hijab Day. Our beauty lies in us and not on their tongues. Damn the consequences and don the hijab. Its our right!

We are #StrongInHijab!

-Sakeenah Adeyinka, February 1st, 2018.



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