Rape Cases Are Rampant in Borno – Police Commissioner

By Gbenga Akingbule

Borno state Commissioner of Police, (CP) Mr Damian Chukwu has said on Monday that rape cases are rampant in the state and perpetrators some how have means of escaping the long arm of justice.

Chukwu said there’s hardly a day where rape cases are not reported to police stations across 27 local government areas of Borno state

” I don’t know about other states , but in Borno state, our own area of responsibility rape cases are rampant. ” Chukwu said .

According to the police commissioner, there is need for urgent sensitization of the citizenry and the need for adequate punishment to be meted on perpetrators with a view of reducing the prevalence.

Speaking while reeling out the achievements of his police command in battling crime at press conference in Maiduguri, the Borno state capital , the police commissioner said he will continue to seek ways whereby rapists are are brought to justice.

The Commissioner who was visibly pissed over the sad development reveled that a more worrysome trend is a situation where older men choose to rape minors.

A rape victim (minor)

“Sometimes you see 50 , 60 , 70 year old men raping a 4 year old girl , 7 year old, 12, 14 years old girls .

” I’m telling you ( journalists) now , we have many of them, but the next thing, you will see letters from their relations , cousins , brothers .
At the end of the day , the parents of the victims will write , and when they write the man (rapist) gets his freedom though not from the police because in the police , we don’t grant bail in the case of rape .

Mr Chukwu added: ” But when the family of the victim say they don’t want the case to go forward, all we do is to package the case and send to the ministry of justice who will now tell us to terminate further enquiries and when enquiries are terminated , what is the meaning of that? The man (rapist) goes home to prepare for another rape .

The Borno police Chief also picked holes in the nation’s Criminal Justice System wondering why the law is weak in addressing some criminal cases noting that some options of fines in some criminal cases does not in any deter criminals from returning to their old ways .

” I’m not criticizing anyone but one of the few problems we are having in our criminal justice system is lack of cordination , you will arrest a thief, the thief will either confess or admit to the crime committed, sometimes he/she will plead not guilty but they end up convicting him/her for 2 years imprisonment or an option N10, 000 , does that make sense? He asked

He continued ” when such a man pays N10,000 and walk away , is he reformed? , don’t you think he will go and continue his business? So that is part of the problems we are having is our system ” Chukwu said .

Mrs Lucy Yunana , Executive Director of a None Governmental Organization (NGO)- Women in New Nigeria and Youth Empowerment attributed the increase in rape of minors to the rush to get rich by all means syndrome and a fallacy that they would be cured of HIV

” Another reason for increase in the rate of rape is that some evil people call Boka (Herbalist) deceived people that if they rape a minors they will be rich. While other older men living with HIV believe they will get cured when they rape a minor ” Yunana said

Yunana added the her ogarnisation had identified and reported to the police locations within Borno state where young girls are being raped by unreasonable men and admitted that her organization can not do it alone without suppport from concerned citizens, government and other none governmental organizations.



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