Read What Police Officers Are Saying On Promotion Scandal, Others

As part of our contribution to a better and professional police force, Nigeria’s online integrated media platform, ALEDEH called on serving and retired members of the Nigeria police to send complaints on the recently released list of promoted officers by the Police Service Commission.

ALEDEH recalls that the PSC approved the promotion of 3,665 senior Police officers. The promotion was one of the high points of the Commission’s 28 Plenary Meeting which ended in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital on Friday, June 8, 2018. The Plenary Meeting was the last official function of the Dr Mike Mbama Okiro PSC Board whose tenure came to an end on Monday, June 11, 2018.

Investigations carried out by ALEDEH had uncovered massive irregularities, corruption and illegalities in the promotion of the officers of the Nigeria Police Force which was conducted by the Mike Okiro-led board of the Police Service Commission.

Apart from the promotion scandal, ALEDEH also gathered that Nigeria police officers now reject postings to states believed to have high crime rates. Similarly, officers, who kick against the illegalities in the force, are posted to these states as a punishment, findings by ALEDEH revealed.

Findings by ALEDEH reveals that Police officers now pay to leave Benue, Nasarawa and other states that are suffering insecurity, a situation most of the officers who spoke with this online medium said will continue except a drastic action is taken as soon as possible.

These findings, ALEDEH published in its exclusive report titled: EXCLUSIVE: “Police Officers Pay N2 Million For Promotion”, Buhari, Osinbajo’s Orderlies, FPRO Benefit, which has generated massive interest from the police officers and the general public.

In the exclusive report, ALEDEH called on serving and retired members of the Nigeria police to send complaints on the recently released list of promoted officers by the Police Service Commission.

Below are some of the complaints we received.

  Irregularities In Promotion In The Nigeria Police Force.


With all sincerity, I wish to inform you that the irregularities in promotion in the police force is not only to the senior officers but also to the inspector, Rank and file.

There is a case of two junior Sgts. Afeez and Felix Umor serving in counter-terrorism unit “CTU” Base 10, Enugu. Who were promoted (inspector) the so-called special promotion without doing anything to merit the rank? Meanwhile, I and other senior Sgt will have to work under him in the same Base.

Meanwhile, rumours have it that other juniors have paid their N150,000 for promotion while waiting for signals for the said promotion.

My prayers are that all special promotion from January 2018 to date should be reversed to their formal Rank.

Please, do not publish my name.


Another said: Actually, most of the promotions are called for questioning. More so, the beneficiaries. But, if I may ask who among those queries the promotion would have done so if they were the ones promoted? Or if the beneficiaries of the said promotion were sanctioned or even dismissed from the force, or face one disciplinary action or the other, who among them would have picked up a pen to write why should such action be taken against them? The beneficiaries of the said promotion find what we know as an unmerited favour from God. Please, colleagues, let try to appreciate God for others not praying for their down fall. Also, our officers, regard your junior today as humans because you may not know where God is taking him or her to tomorrow. I personally, I thank God for the beneficiaries of the said promotion while believing Him for mine also.

Good evening @Aledeh, thanks for the good work you are doing for we policemen that I can call ‘less privilege in the Nigeria Police, may the good Lord continue to be your sustenance.

I’ve read series of your news both for police and other issues affecting our country.  You have said it all about the issue of promotion, posting and transfer in the Nigeria Police that has turned out to be ‘pay and have what you want’.

I don’t want my identities to be mentioned or published for this but I will suggest you make further research on what I want to say about the SPECIAL PROTECTION UNIT of the force.

The unit is a commercial unit of the force, the rank and file (constable, corporal and sergeant), if attached to a VIP or a company is being paid #2,500.00 per day, approximately #75,000.00 per month. When this allowance is paid by the civilian that the police is guiding, it will be cut into two by the commander of the base (office) where the police are working.  The inspector is entitled to #3000.00 in a day and approximately #90,000.00 per month and it will be cut into two too. They call this system SPU STANDARD.   Some bases like mine, base 14, Ondo state, will still sub change you from this 50% that’s for the officer who has risked his life in guiding the VIP saying that the money is to buy stationary and maintain the office. So where is the 50% that is being removed from the allowance is entering? It has been happening for long, we have been crying but no one hear our cry, some even want to demobilise (to go back to conventional  police) due to this cheating but no way.   Senator Misau, who cried aloud on this issue and other issues sometimes ago was later silent on it.

It will be my joy if your media outfit can work on this and publicise it periodically, as it will benefit most of the personnel of the unit.  We risk our lives every day to secure lives of others and allowances are not paid as it is supposed to be.  Many SPU personnel have died during the course of duty and their family have nothing to become.

Hope to read more of your write up, thank and God almighty will continue to increase your knowledge, wisdom and understanding.  You shall not be found wanting in Jesus name.

Dear sir

Your article on promotion in the Police is apt and deserves commendation. It’s only the Almighty God that will reward you.

I am also one of those left behind but with this your investigative Journalism I believe the police authorities will revert themselves.

I was promoted to CSP in 2013 but those promoted 2015 are now Assistant commissioners of police. God is alive and He is omnipotent.

Good morning, I sent you an email concerning the delay in the promotion of traffic wardens in Nigeria, I so much thank you because I know you are going to act on this issue. Please, I will not like my name to be mentioned. As you help me and the entire traffic warden in this nation Nigeria, the Good Lord will not forget you. Thank you.

Another said: See the police headquarters Abuja back up signal to shut the mouth of people who have been complaining of neglecting them in the promotion.

An inspector, who’s having a stroke after serving for 34yrs and was due for promotion since 5yrs ago, how can he go to Cafe for this thing?

We need media without bias that will nail these people totally. 150k to 200k is been paid to get ranks among rank and file. 30k, 40k, 50k, to 100k for transfer from one state to the other and a department to the other.

Good day, I so much thank your organization for giving me this platform to express my feelings. I am a traffic warden attached to Edo state command. I was enlisted into the force on the 1st of June 2018, since 1st of June till date I have only been promoted once while my friends in the regular police have been promoted twice and even more than. Now I and my fellow traffic wardens that were enlisted on or before 1st of June 2018 are still traffic warden grade II (corporal) while our fellows in the regular police are sergeants and some inspectors. I don’t know the kind of crime the traffic warden have committed that will warrant this delay in promotion and discriminations. Please help the traffic wardens. We need help. The police authority does not recognize the traffic wardens. We are like a tree without a root, please come to our aid.

Thank you and God bless you.

Another wrote:

We appreciate Buhari in his anti-corruption campaign but he has not done anything without visiting the police Organisation. About promotion… Superior officers own is even better to Rank and file own. This we soon generate a big problem now. They are the tools of the force, you can see them anywhere. For example, i am 39 squad recently I saw a Special promotion signal involving 42..squad and the rest. S, promotion base on what jare????

Another said: I don’t want my identity published, shame to the Nigeria police force as special promotion has suddenly become a daily order from the Nigeria police welfare office in force headquarters Abuja, in a week, we now have special promotion twice, what is or are the outstanding work that the beneficiaries have done to merit it? Juniors are now superior to their seniors. Corruption of the highest order, This IGP have succeeded in destroying this job.

So if we go for work somebody, I senior for good 3years will now be giving me order because I can’t pay #150,000.

Hmm wahala go happen.

Insp Mohammed S. Garba (rtd) wrote: I served the Nigerian Police for good 23 years PC to cpl10 years, cpl to Sgt 7 years and Sgt to Inspector 5 years. I had clean records with commendations but despite my additional qualification I was not considered for any special promotion. I voluntary resigned and proceeded to add my education. So promotion is no longer on merit. Insp Mohammed S. Garba (rtd).

Meanwhile, following the controversies which trailed the recently released list of promoted officers, the force has now moved to hear complaints from the disgruntled officers by releasing an email: “” where the complaints can be lodged.

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