Republican Senator, John McCain Discontinues Cancer Treatment

Senator representing Arizona, John McCain has decided to discontinue treatment for his brain tumour, his family has revealed.

McCain, a two-time Presidential hopeful was diagnosed of Glioblastoma in 2017 as his activity in the Senate reduced. Known for his “maverick” ways and popular oppositional views to some of his party’s policies, McCain’s health deteriorated as the prognosis of his condition got poor.

Family members have revealed he decided to discontinue the treatment owing to the poor progress of the disease and his old age, which has made recovery much more difficult.

McCain attended the U.S Naval School and graduated in 1958, going on to fight as an air Marshall in the Vietnamese war where he was badly brutalised and obtained by Vietnamese forces. He spent six(6) years behind bars in tthe South-East Asian country as a prisoner of war, between 1967 and 1973.

McCain contested twice for the POTUS, losing in a primaries to eventual President, George .W. Bush in 2000 before bowing to Barack Obama in 2008 as the Republican candidate.

He is widely respected for his views on salient issues and his strict opposition to many of Donald Trump’s policies and his famous criticisms of Obama’s government, especially on immigration issues.



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