Scientists Discover 73,000-Year Old Drawing In African Nation

Scientists have discovered the world’s oldest drawing on a South African rock, according to Reuters.

With lines engraved on the rock, the drawing has been described as what looks like a hashtag.

The seat of existence of the Homo Sapiens has been previously discovered to be found in Africa, hence, such discoveries are not utterly surprising.

According to the BBC, Scientists discovered the small fragment of the drawing – which some say looks a bit like a hashtag – in Blombos Cave on the southern coast.

The find is “a prime indicator of modern cognition” in our species, the report says.

While scientists have found older engravings around the world, research published on Wednesday in the journal Nature says the lines on this stone mark the first abstract drawing.

The article says the ancient artist used an “ochre crayon” to etch it onto the stone.

At 73,000 years old, it is the world’s oldest drawing ever found.



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