See 6-Year Old Russian Girl Who Has Over 500,000 Instagram Followers

The world has had many stars who made the cut and were A-listers from very young ages, this particular Russian girl is just in line.

A six-year-old  Russian girl has been tagged the new “most beautiful girl in the world” and already has more than half-a-million followers on Instagram. Isn’t that incredible?

Blue-eyed Russian Anastasia Knyazeva is being branded the new Thylane Blondeau, who became the youngest ever model to pose for Vogue at just 10.

Anastasia has featured in high-profile advertising campaigns and receives thousands of likes and comments on her Instagram every day.

Her mum Anna has been running the social media account since her daughter was just four years old.

The charming, little Sheila may not even be aware of the kind of huge following she has but will be more conscious of herself and her life as she grows older. For a six year old girl to have over 500,000 Instagram followers, there is every possibility of hitting the stars soon if her meteoric rise is being followed and checked appropriately.

Many of her followers on Instagram hailed her for the beautiy she has, calling her several good names while the little girl kept taking pictures for her promotions.




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