Some Safety Guidelines For School Resumption For Preventing The Spread Of COVID-19 By Walieyullah Adegoke

Safety moment with Walieyullah


Sooner or later, schools will resume and academic activities will start again.

This little writeup will enlighten school management on steps to take to prevent pupils and students from getting contact with covid-19 and also to curb the spread of the virus in the Learning environment.

A school is an environment where there is high level engagement between pupils, teachers and students and adequate controls need to be established.

We shall breakdown this detailed writeup base on collective and individual responsibilities and also base on various school activities.

It’s the duty of the school owners to ensure the safety of teachers, pupils, students and other workers in the school premises. Failure to do so will not only lead to the spread of covid in the school but also leads to loss of business and reputation. The following are some of their responsibilities, (kindly note that why some are not compulsory, some are.)

a. Establishing health and safety education as part of the school curriculum. This is to create an atmosphere of awareness in the institution. This also focuses on airborne diseases which also includes covid-19 among others, their spread and prevention._

b. Establishing a testing facility or ensuring teachers, pupils and students has been tested negative of covid-19 prior to resumption with clear documented evidence._

C. The school management should ensure that activities that involves gathering together should be avoided. And if it can’t be avoided, adequate controls should be put in place. Gathering might include sport activities, laboratory classes, I.T classes, library etc. All three locations should follow safe procedures which might include the following.

🦾Hand sanitizers should be provided for use at the entry point to all these LOCATIONS.
🦾Mandatory use of nose mask at all time.
🦾No joint use of apparatus, if possible. Every student should have his or hers. If that’s not possible, students should be divided into parmanent groups, these groups also go for break together and do other stuffs together. (this is to ensure that if there is any case, there is limited number of students exposed at any point in time).
🦾Students can have their own laptop, keyboard and mouse, depending on provision. If that’s not possible, parmanent groups as mentioned earlier should be used.
🦾Libraries should be properly sanitized regularly and same procedure of establishing groups followed. Books should only be used in the library and not taken out.

D. For public schools or schools with larger number of students, resumption time can be established into two sections, morning and afternoon with students with parmanent groups belonging to the same section.

E.The school management should also ensure that classes are spacious enough while teachers, students and pupils practices social distancing at all time with the mandatory provision and use of nose mask. Classes should also be well ventilated and maintained at normal temperature.

F. Infrared thermometer should be use at entry point to the school to check on temperature and if temperature is high, such persons should not be allowed into the school premises (more point on this towards the end of this article).

G. Aside the provision of Hand sanitizers at public locations, the Management should also provide hand sanitizers at entry point to classes, dinning rooms, cafeteria, canteen, lavatory facilities etc. It should also be available up and down the stair case. These sanitizers should be automatically operated.

H. Proper hygienic environment should be maintained at all time. Lavatories should be properly maintained (watch my YouTube video on other airborne diseases aside covid-19 on construction site).


A. The teachers and other staff of the school owns responsibility of ensuring compliance with the guidelines in the school premises._

B. They should be vigilant to know if student shows symptoms. Such students should be taken home for 14 days isolation. The school should establish online classs for these students at home while in isolation in capable in other to keep them updated with school curriculum._

C. Teachers with symptoms should also be sent home for 14days isolation. The school management should either have multipurpose teachers or establish online class with the student from home if capable.

D. Teachers should avoid giving students punishment or activities that lead to sweat._

E. For examination period, teachers should establish safe procedures by ensuring everyone is sanitized, when exam sheets are shared, it should be shared single handedly by the teacher and when submitting, it should be submitted to the same teacher only. Upon receiving the teacher sanitizes again and student also sanitizes when leaving also._

A. full compliance with the established safety procedures.
B. No touching, No shaking, No hugging
C. No eating together_
D. No sharing of Pen etc._
E. If you feel sick or you observe any of your colleague is sick, report symptoms to your teachers.

Above all, the school management owns the full responsibility of ensuring compliance. Safety professionals should be engaged to ensure compliance and ensures continuous improvement. Safety signages should be placed to create awareness within the premises.

Total commitment to the health and safety of everyone in the school should be the goal.

To watch other safety videos relating to covid-19 guidelines, kindly visit the link at the top of this article.

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