Some Useful Safety Tips For Motorcycle (OKADA) Users By Walieyullah

Another episode of safety moment with walieyullah_


Today, we shall be given us safety tips on the use of Okada, as its locally called.

Firsty we will agree that Okada is one of the fasting means of getting to our destination (not destiny oo) via road, most especially during hot busy ours and at night.

That being said, the bike has also led to increasing number of road accidents (either guilty or not guilty). It has also been reportedly used for stealing, kidnapping and other criminal acts.

On today’s episode, we shall be focusing on what we need to do when taking Okada, which is always driven by an Okada man (and women, I hope you know). While it’s ideal to have a helmet, knee and elbow guard, it should be the last resolution after every other has failed.

Here are the tips

1. Try as much as possible to take bikes from the bus stop or where they are crowded. Though this gives you 30% assurance that you are safe. (don’t ask me how I did the statistics)

2.  Do a distant physical check of the Okada and its rider. Good bikes with little or no issue looks good and obvious while those with sickness  looks weak.

3.  We all know thieves kidnappers don’t have a logo in their forehead. But then looking eyeball to eyeball (in jenevas voice) will go a long way in getting involuntary communication and body language from the rider.

4.  Don’t just jump on a bike because you are in a hurry. Be sure you are safe because it’s more like you are putting your live in the hands of an unknown person.

5.  If you observe the bike man is overspeeding, caution him. Sit firmly on the bike. If the okada isn’t safe, get down. Nobody will beat you for that.

6.  If you observe the bike man is passing another direction, please tell him to stop. if he doesn’t, scream and scream and scream.

7. Have a pepper spray with you. A pepper spray will help you, not a make up. Have both shaa.. because we want you to always look good. If you don’t have a pepper spray, an alcoholic perfume to the eyes will also do. But get pepper spray.

8. Most times, some bike men in some location do have tags on their reflective jackets. Do check them out. If you are curious and it’s already late at night, you can request for their *”ticket. “*

9.  Avoid late night movement. It’s never safe, even for a thief. That’s why they move around with weapons.

5.  Last but not the least, before you climb on the bike, pray and clear the seat with your hands.

Always remember that to think about your safety first. It’s the best thing you can give yourself in this world.

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