The Lesson Of The “You Smell Nice” Story By Douglas Ogbankwa

I have been following, with studied silence the narrative of the young lady who posted on the Social Media, that as a member of a Panel of Interviewers, for a job interview, she berated an applicant who told her, “You Smell Nice”.

Many Nigerians do not even know the lesson in the story. To wit:
It is quite rude for an applicant to be making such comments on the day of his interview to even a co-applicant, not to talk of a future boss.

It presupposes that the applicant is uncouth, not disciplined and frivolous in his ways.

No serious employer would consider such a lousy person for employment. You do not have a second chance to make a first impression.

An interview session (Credit:

It was not a pageantry or fashion show for God’s sake it was a job Interview.

In fact, it smacks of malfeasance for you to make a comment that is out of the radar, when going through a job interview.

The lady who berated him has even put this issue on the front burner. I do hope the young ones learn, instead of just saying on Social Media, “I smell nice”. This is not the lesson, the lesson is being prim and proper in such circumstances in conduct and in words.

You play while you should play and work while you should work ,you mix both at your peril, just like the young man did.

There are work and Social Etiquettes that guide human conduct! You must conform to them in the applicable circumstances, failure of which there are back lashes.

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