The Meeting Between President Buhari And Four Niger Delta States Governors By Annkio Briggs

I have received several calls from Niger Delta indigenes in Nigeria, Diaspora and especially members of the Niger Delta Self-Determination Movement (NDSDM) in the past hours seeking confirmation on the meeting scheduled between President Buhari and Governors of Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Delta and Rivers States. It is necessary therefore to make a statement.
The NDSDM have it on good authority that the meeting between the President is in reference to the recent landmark judgement at the Supreme Court of Nigeria.
The judgement in favor of the Oil and Gas producing states will boost our revenue from crude oil production from the date of the judgement.
The Federal Government should and will adjust the shares of the revenue accruable to the Federation whenever the price of crude oil exceeds $20 Twenty Dollars per barrels. We must not forget that in the past 40 to 50 years the price of crude oil have not gone bellow $20.
The judgement is a victory of justice to the littoral states and we should not and will not be denied this victory, and the Governments of the Niger Delta states must not negotiate this victory for politics. The Supreme Court have not let down the people of the Niger Delta in handing down justice by up holding rule of law, the NDSDM will not take our eyes off the ball by reminding the people and governments of the Niger Delta that we have since 2015 been governed by a Federal Government system that has no respect for rule of law or judgements that don’t favor it.
The increase of revenue accruable to the Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa and Rivers States by this judgement is not a favor from the Federal Government but a Supreme Court judgement it must obey. Payment is expected by the long suffering and neglected communities and people of the Niger Delta and should not under any circumstances be negotiated by the Governors. This judgement is not only in favor of the Niger Delta people but for other states that believe they have oil in their states.
This judgement will and should also affect International Oil Companies and Nigerians who have oil wells or oil blocks in the Niger Delta, it is time to start respecting the laws of our land, no government, business or man is above the rule of law.
The NDSDM expects that at the end of the meeting with the President he will give a commitment to the Niger Delta people through the Governors of his willingness to ensure that the judgement is implemented. This will be in the interest of the Niger Delta Region and her people, the IOCs and Federal Republic of Nigeria the 60% shareholder of the Joint Venture.
The People and Governors are aware of the fact that a lot of monies is owed the Niger Delta Region and People by the Federal Government of Nigeria, payments due the NDDC, Ministry of Niger Delta, Amnesty and several other agencies set up to continue the deceit of the Niger Delta people by politicizing every discussion of Liberty, Equity and Justice due the region and her people by siting corruption and accountability, the whole of Nigeria not only the Niger Delta is saddled with corruption and lack of accountability.
The resolution of the long term call of Resource Ownership, Control and Management of development, investment and security in and of the Niger Delta will not go away, nor will the call for Restructuring of Nigeria. If Nigeria had continued on the path of governance of Federating Units, yesterday regionalism, today the states, Nigeria would not be at this deplorable and pathetic state it is, it is the decision of a few greedy for power and wealth, and the ignorance of a lot that have led(sic) Nigeria here.
The Niger Delta people do not like where we are in Nigeria, the Niger Delta Region and people have no business with bad governance, corruption, neglect, insecurity, greedy and poverty, the NDSDM believe that despite the mistakes, greed and ignorance of our people past and present we can make the right decisions, work together, take our destiny in our hands and move forward.
This is why we take this opportunity to call on our electorates and our politicians to put our people, communities, LGAs, States, Resources, Region First so we can turn our future in the right direction for our grand children, and we must.
The only discussion for the 2019 elections is Restructuring. Our incumbent Governors are expected to support only a candidate that will commit to a timeline to restructure Nigeria.
The Niger Delta should not commit to a candidate who is not committed to a restructured Nigeria within 6 months.
Annkio Briggs
Convener of
Niger Delta Self Determination Movement
Annkio Briggs writes from Port Harcourt. She is the Convener of the Niger Delta Self Determination Movement. She is known for her stand for Liberty, Equity and Justice. She is a Rights advocate and her fearless passion for Environmental Justice and Resource Ownership for the Niger Delta Region and People is Legendary
Opinion contained in this article is the Author’s not ALEDEH’s
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