The Task Before The Leaders By Mathias Tsado

I don’t know if president Muhammadu Buhari won the election or not, I don’t know what would come out of the current court case at the election tribunal, but one thing I know is that Nigeria of today need an urgent intervention in several areas, from security to economy to healthcare to education, from rule of law to building independent institutions, from human capital development to building profitable factories, we need a systematic solution to grafting, indiscipline and most importantly we need to create a vibrant, highly motivated citizens, we need to build a United country, we need to build an egalitarian society, where everyone is free to dream and is provided with the necessary tools to pursue his or her dreams.

This is the summary of the task before the president of Nigeria as at today, this time requires an adept understanding of the world economy and how to position the country to benefit from all that is currently going on, it’s a strategic time in the history of our nation, the myriad of challenges that the country is confronted with today are also opportunities for growth, but it would take a lot of critical thinking to break the code.

The president needs to do away with his ‘yes sir’ praise singers, those who think the president can never be wrong are not the right people to stand in the corridors of high profile decisions, there is the need for the president to have those who would speak from the position of convictions at all times irrespective of the position of the president.

The issues on the table call for serious concerns, the task before the inauguration is to have sat down with some vibrant minds to try to understand what the challenges are and come up with a comprehensive plan to address this challenges, starting from what is called first principles in engineering.

It’s not really time to play politics even though I don’t buy into the concept of separating politics and governance, I believe there is a lot that could be achieved by this government in the second tenure but that would require a completely different approach, from the method of problem analysis to development of solution designs and implementation strategies, everything has to take a new approach.

The president must get an honest briefing about how bad things are in every sector of the country, ask for multiple choice solutions, and get the input of some of the brightest minds in the country to make informed decisions to start solving the problems from the roots.

For instance, it would cost the country about $40m to build a world-class, state of the art hospital with every functional equipment, and with a 24 hour power supply from a mini-grid power system within 18 to 30m from the design to finish, once the government follow up on this religiously, several others would come up.

The Task Before The Leaders By Mathias Tsado

I have several times suggested that we adopt the economic model of Make In India, if you noticed, that advert has been off CNN for a while now, perhaps they now have a lot of companies already making in India, it is the fastest way to industrialize the country, the only thing we owe them (the investors) is the power supply which on its own is a business opportunity, Germany is now generating power almost at zero cost, the technology used in Germany isn’t a secret, so really there isn’t much of a problem here.

Imagine having the Koreans to manufacture their air conditions here in Efurun in Delta state or having Italians to make their shoes in IKARA in Kano, having functional industries scattered around the country, imagine the number of jobs that would create, imagine sane for phones, Televisions, car spare parts etc.

The government must begin to see themselves as a solution provider rather than giving excuses about everything that isn’t working, they must see the people as a gift to the country rather than as unnecessary inconveniences.

I don’t know if the president is ready to hit the ground running, the truth is that we have no time for ceremonies now, what is required is work, work, work.

Let’s digitize asset acquisition and management in the country, connect all citizen’s assets and liabilities to a single identity number, either to a phone number or a BVN, with this you can easily trace everything own by individuals in the country, the good thing is that those with good assets are the educated ones so most of them have a BVN, with this you can begin to monitor all transactions by mapping areas and assigning them to anti-graft agencies, with this you prevent corruption rather than fighting it.

In education, the government should have at least four highly sophisticated ultra modern secondary schools in the four regions of the country with the capacity of two thousand students each, and recruit teachers from all over the world to teach in such school and allow this to serve as a pilot scheme for our educational revolution.

As the government prepares to take off for another four years, it’s important that the citizens are carried along, it’s important that people are treated equally regardless of their ethnicity or religion, it’s important that the economic environment is made conducive for all to thrive.

Before I drop the pen, it’s very crucial that I raise the question of cost of governance in Nigeria, if our leaders could just be less greedy and less self-centred, they could spare us some monies to begin the rebuilding process, it’s very important that the government look into this particular issue very closely and come up with solutions that make public leadership only attractive to those who genuinely wish to serve the country and not those who see politics as the gateway to riches.

Nigeria is our collective responsibility but our leaders especially the president must drive that narrative both by his words and his body language.


Opinion contained in this article is strictly the writer’ and not Aledeh’s.




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