The Worst Is Yet Forthcoming! God Forbid!! By Professor Echefuna’ R. G. Onyebeadi.

Don’t be deceived, a Leopard does not change its spots!

A trust severally betrayed and abused can not just be wished away by a mere irresponsible, crafty, deceitful and incoherent statement. Mind the word used: “SUSPENDED”! ‘RUGA’ is merely suspended! NOT abrogated!! What does that tell you?

The terrorist fulani herdsmen and kidnappers are still loitering about in our territories heavily armed just awaiting orders to strike. Many more are still on their way!
I have not seen anywhere in the world that a government will wittingly open their bothers to invading miscreants and aiding them to occupy ancestral and indigenous territories of their country men like this clueless expired regime of Muhammadu Buhari.

About two months after being sworn in, no single good policy direction; Cabinet Members are yet to be named; the SGF and several other presidency staff among others continued in office illegally while lopsided top government appointments continued unabated.
Does anything like “Federal Character” still exist in the skewed northern military Constitution being operated presently?
Where is the “Federal Character Commission”?

They are now in full charge of the Customs and Immigration. So, they can import arms and distribute same to their people and terrorists collaborators without any checks with monies generated from southern Nigeria territories; and, also allow immigrant fulani ‘herdsmen” cross our bothers and aided to gain access into our hinterlands unhindered.

By the way, what happened to all the Police check points on the way as these miscreants trespass our territories? Where are the operation python dance, crocodile twists etc

Herdsmen and Cows

They now control the Military, Police and ALL Paramilitary establishment including the Prisons!
They have fully take over the Judiciary in a bravado military fashion and have now taken full control of the National Assembly.

They have unlimited access to our Commonwealth and dispense our monies to which they contribute NOTHING even without any NASS appropriation as required by law with impunity.
Head or tail, they feel secured in their manifestly diabolical maneuvers and wickedness to humanity forgetting that man is NOT God Almighty!

People like us are not surprised at the turn of events. It is a doomsday foretold! The worst are yet lined up while they are still testing the waters with this Godforsaken doomed fulani incursions into indigenous lands and territorial waters. God forbid!

When we mounted principled campaigns against the ‘reelection’ of this grand patron jihadist, blood stained and blood tasty expansionist irredentist, some people called us names and became their unsolicited PR Managers! Where are these people now?

Enough of these inhuman and illegal encroachments.
Enough of these armless defense of our people and waiting to be killed by government aided invaders in our ancestral homes and lands.
Enough of medicines after death!

Who says the war front can not be proactively shifted to their own comfort zones and territories?

Be sensitive. Be on the guard. Don’t be caught unawares!


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