Twitter Executive To Testify Before U.S. Congress On Censorship Issues

Twitter Chief Executive, Jack Dorsey will testify before a United States House of Representatives Committee on Sept. 5 to explain issues bordering on content censorship and monitoring.

This Is due to some Republicans raising concerns about Social media companies removing content from Republican/Conservatives accounts.

The Twitter boss who will be speaking with the House Energy and Commerce Committee is expected to answer tough questions about the social media’s use of algorithm and its judgement about what is fit for media consumption.

Republican Representative Greg Walden, the panel’s chairman said in a statement on Friday;

“Twitter is an incredibly powerful platform that can change the national conversation in the time it takes a tweet to go viral. When decisions about data and content are made using opaque processes, the American people are right to raise concerns. This committee intends to ask tough questions about how Twitter monitors and polices content, and we look forward to Mr. Dorsey being forthright and transparent regarding the complex processes behind the company’s algorithms and content judgment calls,”

Earlier, American President Donald Trump had tweeted that social media companies were silencing “millions of people” in an act of censorship, but without offering evidence to support the claim.

“Social Media Giants are silencing millions of people. Can’t do this even if it means we must continue to hear Fake News like CNN, whose ratings have suffered gravely. People have to figure out what is real, and what is not, without censorship!”

He also tweeted last week that social media companies hold a discriminating agpproach towards  Republican/Conservative voices.

This is on the heels of actions taken by Twitter, Apple Inc, Facebook Inc and YouTube to remove some content posted by Infowars, a website run by conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

Initially, Twitter was not involved in removal of Alex Jones’ content but had to temporarily suspend the account after facing backlash from the public on its platform.

Similarly, there have been recent attempts by several tech companies including Twitter Facebook, Apple and Google to try to combat the meddling of mid-term elections by foreign influence and disinformation campaigns.

Jack Dorsey is also expected to testify about election security alongside with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandburg and a representative from Google before the Senate Intelligence Committee.



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