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Two Nigerians Honoured By Egyptian President For Developing Medical App

Two Nigerians, Stephen Osawaru and Anthony Osawere have been given an award of recognition by Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, for developing a medical application.

The duo developed a medical mobile application called 24/7 medic to provide easy access for healthcare services to people in the rural areas in Nigeria.

They were awarded at the closing ceremony of the 2019 World Youth Forum in Egypt alongside 12 others who excelled in different fields of life.

Osawaru and Osawere were part of the team that won the African Application launchpad, which was part of the recommendations of the 2018 World Youth Forum.

According to Osawaru, the idea to develop an application that will connect people with medicals within ten minutes, came four years ago after he had an accident without getting adequate medical attention.

“Four years ago, I had an accident and was unconscious for three days and did not get any medical attention. That was when I realized how big the health problem in Nigeria is.

“I wanted to build an application that will solve the problem and help Nigerians save more lives. We built 24/7 Medic, an application that connects medicals within 10 minutes and delivers affordable care solutions through mobile platforms.”

Two Nigerians Honoured By Egyptian President For Developing Medical App

On his part, Osawere said as a software developer, he aimed to build a solution, adding that he had always wanted to make a difference positively.

“I personally have always wanted to make a difference positively so when my Partner contacted me to talk about this project is that I had something similar in mind that I was working on, it made sense to do this.

“I am a software developer, which means I build solutions. When I see a problem, I design a solution around it,” he explained.

Speaking about 24/7 Medic, Osawere said that it is an application that will deliver health services to the doorsteps of Nigerians and reduce stress and time wasted traveling to hospitals and waiting for doctors.

“24/7Medic is an online (subscription-based) medical care consultation and advisory service; providing patients in cities and rural areas the ability to call or chat with a doctor, request on-site laboratory services at the comfort of their home and get drugs delivered to their doorsteps. 24/7 Medic also provides end-users with the ability to store their medical history and share it with their healthcare providers.

“24/7Medic is a global advisory platform with doctors from all over the world. We are basically virtualizing hospitals and access to medical services. We have developed dispatch mobile application for our motorcycle team (pathologists and medical laboratory professionals) to deliver drugs to patients, get blood and urine samples for testing and do onsite laboratory investigation using rapid kits.”

Other awardees include Joshua Beckford, the youngest Oxford University student; the first licensed armless pilot, Jessica Cox from the USA; Eric Morales from Spain who uses artificial intelligence to diagnose cancer; Raashi Anand, an Indian with an NGO working in the fields of child welfare, education, health and empowerment of women and Zein Youssef, a four- time cancer fighter and survivor amongst others.

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