VIDEO: Sulaiman Aledeh Speaks On What To Expect As “Political Stew” Debuts May 22

Sulaiman Aledeh, the anchor of “Political Stew”, a live talk show that brings the people abreast with daily political happenings in Nigeria and around the world, has spoken ahead of the debut of the political talk show.

The live talk show will debut Tuesday, May 22, 8 pm to 9 pm on TVC News on DStv channel 418 and GOtv channel 45 while viewers in U.K. can watch on Sky 571.

In a bid to keep the people in the know about the show, Sulai as he is fondly called, appeared on TVC Breakfast Show on Monday, May 21, to talk about his new TV show, “Political Stew”.

Asked what the people should expect as the show debuts tomorrow, Mr Aledeh said: “I think there is this yearning, a lot of people over the years, I have been on this business for over two decades and that’s 20 years and counting, done over 5,000 interviews and I realize that the need or the yearnings of Nigerians is that they really want to hear your interview.

“We talk more and they want to hear people ask the questions that are so pertinent and burning in their hearts and I have come to realize that a lot of people and anchors, well, sometimes we all make the same mistakes, we don’t ask these questions and sometimes we do much of the talking instead of the man or the woman we have chosen to invite, so this show will give them more time to talk and we will know when to interject and we know when to actually call it off when it’s going very very, you know when the stew hits the fire and you know what I mean if you are wearing a white (points to his shirt) like me it gets so messy in the kitchen”, Aledeh said.

Sulaiman Aledeh.

Sulai also noted that “Political Stew” will also be a platform where young broadcasters can learn the act of interviewing.

“We have come to realize that we are getting older perhaps that is why I have this new look, I have gone grey, so we have younger persons that we have to give such knowledge and talent to, Aledeh said.

“We have many of them, pretty nice, great guys, they are coming behind and definitely they can pick one or two things.

“We are not saying it is the ultimate show but we are saying it is a show that can actually define the way to go in the coming days, Sulai opined.

Watch Sulai talking about the coming show below:



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