Vladimir Putin Interested In Running For Russia’s Presidency Again After Seventeen Years In Power

One of the major powers and most respected figures in international politics is Russian President, Vladimir Putin and is interested in vying for the top position again in 2018.

Having assumed the Presidential position at the turn of another millennium in the year 2000, backed by a powerful camp in Russian politics, the Kremlin, Putin has placed the multi-diverse nation on a very strong pedestal and is highly respected for restoring the nation’s waning glory.

Through the employment of a strong military rapport, Putin had grown as one of the most feared leaders of the world, fearlessly standing tall in international meetings and a loud voice against the monopolistic tendencies of the United States of America.

The 65-year old is willing to vie for the post of the President again after 17 years in power. As boring as it can get to have a leader since the birth of a near-adult generation, the consistency of governance may have made Putin the biggest option for Russians even in the midst of allegations of corruption from several sources who obviously are not having a good sleep over his continued existence in government. His involvement of the Russian Military in the Syrian war had huge commendations from the citizens of the country.

Born 7 October 1952 in Leningrad (now St Petersburg), Putin studied law and joined KGB after university. He served as a spy in a communist East Germany with some ex-KGB comrades later getting  top state posts in Putin era.

In the 1990s, he was top aide to St Petersburg mayor Anatoly Sobchak, who had previously taught him law. He entered Boris Yeltsin’s Kremlin in 1997, made chief of Federal Security Service (the FSB – main successor of the KGB), then prime minister.

On the New Year’s Eve in 1999 – Yeltsin quits and names him acting president. A normal Presidential election was held in March 2000 and Putin won comfortably.

He won a second term in 2008 but was banned by the Russian constitution from running for a third term, but instead became the Prime Minister.

After a shake-up, he was granted a third term in 2012 and is eyeing yet another term as the President of one of the world’s biggest nations.

Russian TV journalist Ksenia Sobchak has already said she will stand in the election but opinion polls suggest Mr Putin will win easily.


Source: BBC



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