What Should Be Done If Eid Coincides With Jumu’ah (Friday Prayer)

Ramadan is finally over and today is Eid- il-Fitr, a major Islamic festivity marking the end of the annual fast.

While we jolly with friends, family and neighbours, the eid of this year coincides with the Friday prayer, Jumu’ah.

Scholars have varying opinions on a matter like this. The opinion that is clear is that of Imam Ahmad,rahimahuLlaah, and is the preference of shaykhul Islaam Ibn Taymiyyah who attributed it to a group of the companions such as Umar, bn Khataab , Abdullah Ibn Masood, Ibn Abbas and others, and then said “ there is no knowledge of any disagreement among them on this”  It is also the opinion of many of the scholars of hadith.

The evidence for this is hadith of Zayd ibn Arqam(radiyAllaahu anh) who said: The Prophet(salaLlaahu alayhi wa salaam) prayed the Eid salah on a Friday and granted a permission regarding the praying of Jumu’ah salah and said “If anyone wants to pray it, he may pray.” Reported by Imaam Ahmad and in the books of Sunah and was ruled Sahih by imaam Ibn Khuzaymah.

Shaykhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahuLlaah added that “Moreover, if someone attends Eid salah, he had already obtained the objective of the congregation on Friday, so he prays Dhuhr if he did not attend Jumu’ah salah, dhuhr salah will remain on time and Eid salah achieves for him the purpose of Jumu’ah congregation. Keeping the obligation of Jumu’ah binding on people will definitely cause hardship for them, and would ruin the purpose of Eid, and the reason it was prescribed is to show joy and happiness. Hence, if people were held back from enjoying their time  in order to attend Jumu’ah salah, Eid will cause an adverse result and negates its purpose. ”

However the local Imams are still required to perform the Jumu’ah for those who wish to attend or those who missed Eid Prayers.



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