World Hijab Day: Candid Response To My Igbo Friend

February is here and the question is asked again.

You’re beautiful, yet you cover up all the time.

My Igbo non-muslim friend asked “why you go just dey tie scarf upandan, all the time?”

I smiled and said to him “this piece of cloth is called Hijab.”

Hijab, It is prescribed for all muslim women who has attained the age of puberty.

The Hijab is an adornment. The color, design must be cool-   not attention seeking.

It shouldn’t be a cloth that arouse the sexual interest of men. It must be clean and pure.

The hijab isn’t just any attire. Its a way of life as it compels you to be modest in speech and attitude (if you really understand it and use it with the fear of Allah).

Hijab is not a sign of oppression and suppression as most of you say. It’s in fact a ‘thing’ of freedom, not freedom to behave wantonly like some of the westernized women. But freedom from the brainwashing agenda of living worst than animals- walking naked, mixing with the opposite gender without limit, sexting,  pornography, craze about body shape, its an endless list.

The hijab protects me from evil eyes of the curios, peering eyes of sexual predators, who wants to guess my bust size from a look which will eventually graduate into something else.

My hijab is a sign of freedom, understanding and submission to the commandment my Lord.

My hijab is a choice I made. An enlightened choice.

With my Hijab I feel cool to move, breeze in and out. I notice the mocking look, the pitiful stare, the envious glare. But, I do not care because its cool to be me.

Yusroh Akinwunmi is a Journalist,PR Practitioner and a Teacher.



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