Evans The Kidnapper, Nigerians, The Media and Stupid Lines

Ever since the notorious kidnap kingpin Evans was arrested, the media space has been filled with news of him. It’s natural. We shouldn’t be surprised. However, what irks many is how Evans is gradually turning from a criminal to celebrity. No thanks to the Nigerian Media which has been doing a good job of turning a very tasteless and worthless “soup” to a supremely palatable one.

As an online media platform aledeh.com will elect to always stick to it’s core policy of downplaying such societal evil and signposting those geared towards a better society. So we found this written by Eseoghene. We will also share other views on this. We encourage our colleagues to stick to be very professional in serving news to the public. Of what use is a photo with a decapitated body or a man with a human skull? To get the online traffic? We ask you do one good for Evans…especially when publishing images of his family photo. The children as minors must be protected. Find below a piece from Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri


“The Nation gathered yesterday that although Evans still agonises about his condition in police cell, he finds time to smile and joke with his cell mates and interrogators.”

“The police plan to inspect all the detention camps operated by Evans and his gang.”

“Evans pleaded that Eze (native doctor/monarch who made charm to prepare him for operation) should not be arrested.”

“He (Evans) has started laughing and feeling relaxed now, unlike before. He eats rice sold by one of the caterers at the station and drinks only bottled water.”

PS: Evans, the notorious criminal kidnapper who terrorises Nigerian families by kidnapping or threatening their heirs and children and extort them, is joking and laughing with cell mates and INTERROGATORS while The Nation is foolishly announcing that the Police WILL raid his kidnap detention camp as if whoever worked with him will be there waiting for the Police after the announcement. Evans is appealing that his accomplice should not be arrested and he (Evan) has started laughing and feeling relaxed now and is eating rice and drinking bottle water.”

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri writes from Benin City, Edo State



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