What We Found About The Purported Phone Conversation Between Governors Amosun and Shettima

Nigerians woke up again with a sound…sound of a supposed phone conversation between the governor of Ogun State and that of Borno. We have as journalists who have over time watched and at some time interviewed them come up with our analysis and verdict on the audio being circulated. We had to listen to it side by side with other clips of these two Nigerians and our verdict is this: the audio is FAKE and no thanks to the attempt by the actors who didn’t take time to do a thorough job.

We had received the audio about two weeks ago and didn’t give it much attention but will give our own reasons for disregarding it. I am sure if had shared that audio without attaching those names to it many would never ever guessed those names as voices of the governors.
we have listened to the audio tape and have serious reservations about it. We are of the opinion that you also do your bit of checks and not be swayed by us: the online media. In arriving at our verdict, we used the the following points:

1. Governor Shettima is not a fast talker like the voice on that tape even though the voice is almost like his.

2. The voice at the other end is not similar to that of Governor Amosun at all. Amosun’s voice is deeper than the one on the tape.

3. What would warrant a discussion of such being held over the phone.

4. The manner in which the voice purported to be that of Amosun concurred to almost every point raised by the purported Shettima is suspect. The audio portrayed Governor Amosun as not having a mind of his own and subscribes to almost everything said by Shettima without putting up any sound argument. Is that really the kind of person Governor Amosun is?

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5. You’d agree that Shettima is not that eloquent especially in pronunciation. Shettima is not old enough to call Amosu by name “Kunle” while he (Amosu) hardly refers to him as “Alhaji.

6. The timing of the release of this audio tape is too circumstantial. We ask, is there an attempt to make political capital out of the current face off by two ethnic groups in Nigeria? This is our opinion.



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